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Orange Is the New Black’s Best Moments

Orange Is the New Black’s Best Moments


With Season 4 of Orange is the New Black finally released for public consumption, I’ve found myself binging the old episodes to catch up on the story. There’s no denying it, this show has so many great moments. From Piper’s first day in the Litch to the final moments of Season 3, there are some hilarious exchanges. So while we’re all sitting back to start the Season 4 binge, lets take a look back at just a few of those moments. Be warned, for obvious reasons, there are spoilers ahead!

I Threw My Pie For You

I threw my pie for you

Oh, Crazy Eyes! Never stop being who you are! This memorable moment came early on in Season 1. Just after we learned why Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ Warren was so crazy, she defends Piper in the most unique way possible. By throwing her pie at Alex. The best part is, this isn’t an isolated incident. Suzanne does the exact same thing in Season 2! When someone insults Vee, there’s yet another pie toss! So apparently the throwing of baked goods is Crazy Eyes highest form of loyalty. How many friends would throw their pie for you?

The Eggplant Joke

eggplant joke oitnb

This is a recurring joke in the series. We never get to hear the full thing, but all we know is this. It involves a penguin, a retarded eggplant and of course…

oitnb it's fucking funny

The Chicken

Everyone who has watched Orange Is The New Black knows what I mean when I mention the chicken. The chicken is a complete mystery. Where did it come from? Where does it get into the prison? Does it indeed have a shit load of heroin in its ass? Sadly, we may never learn the answer to these questions, but that isn’t gonna stop Red in her eternal quest to make Chicken Kiev.

oitnb chicken

When We Found Out Morello Was Crazy


Who would have ever guessed that Morello was hiding such a dark secret? When we’re first introduced to Lorna Morello, she’s such a sweet and caring character. Sure, she’s a little obsessed with her wedding plans, but she deserves her special day! That is until we find out she never had a special day to plan. She’s in prison for both credit card fraud and stalking her “fianceé” Christopher. Sure, she soon turns into her usual sweet self, but I can’t really look at her the same way any more.

Season 2’s Ending

s2 ending

It’s clear that by the end of Season 2, everyone was hoping for 2 things. 1, that Rosa would be able to live her final days outside of prison and 2, that Vee would get her just deserts. Well, we got both things in one neat little package when Rosa makes her daring escape, and runs over Vee in the process. You literally could not have given the fans a better ending to a season than this!

Red Had Nothing To Do With The Food


How tragic! Red finally gets back in the kitchen, only to be ousted by boil in a bag meals. For someone who takes so much pride in their work, those bags were a smack in the face. No one deserves to eat those meals, let alone be credited with them. So one more time, let’s be clear: Red had nothing to do with the food!

Now, Back To Binging

Bring on Orange Is The New Black Season 4! Did we miss any of your favourite moments? Feel free to post them in the comments below!

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