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Musician Gives X-Men Theme A Rock Makeover

Musician Gives X-Men Theme A Rock Makeover


If you’re acquainted with the original X-men animated series you’ll know that the intro is a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head. Yet one of the show’s fans and gifted musician managed to make it even more interesting, particularly if you’re a fan of heavy metal.

Eric Calderone is an American YouTube sensation who with his electric guitar in hand turns popular tracks into the metal style. He has over a million followers and has covered everything from Beethoven to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. If it’s an iconic sound, whether than be the Bond theme tune or The Legend of Zelda, you can be sure to find Eric has performed it.

The video has received much praise, from Geek Tyrant’s article saying there were “some especially sweet licks” in the cover, to commenters requesting more covers and this comment from user Marc-Andre:

“Damn! You should redo the animated series theme!!! 🙂 It just went from the original annoying 80’s synth to metal greatness!!! I can just see that sentinel get busted by Cyclops and Wolverine while listening to this”

You can check out the X-Men cover below, and join the already half a million views it accumulated since the video was posted on May 28.

For comparison reasons, the original is below. Let us know if you think this cover lives up to the original in the comments!