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Gallery: Sarah’s Scribbles

Gallery: Sarah’s Scribbles


This week on gallery, we’re showing off much beloved web comic, Sarah’s Scribbles. For the past month or so, this web comic has basically been my guide for life. Not only do Sarah’s Scribbles relate in a personal way to the every day lives of it’s readers, it does so in a way that is not only adorable, but very, very funny.

Not only that, but there’s more or less a comic for every occasion. Need to know how I’m feeling on a daily basis, there’s a comic for it! Ever wondered what a period was like as a guy? Let me direct you to the “Puberty” comic. Literally every little thought that has ever crawled into your head can probably be found within the pages of Sarah’s Scribbles, and it’s incredible.

According to this interview with the artist, Sarah C Anderson began drawing Sarah’s Scribbles when she was a sophomore in college. Having posted her drawings on Tumblr, she soon gathered a following of fans who were happy to share her work across larger blog sites such as Tastefully Offensive. Since she began this comic, Sarah Anderson has grown a loyal following online, with fans offering to translate her comics into other languages, illustrated for popular comics such as Invader Zim and released a book of her illustrations titled ‘Adulthood Is a Myth’ which can be found here.

Want more Sarah’s Scribbles? Head over to sarahcandersen.com or check out the Sarah’s Scribbles Facebook to enjoy new comics regularly. While you’re at it, let us know what you think in the comments below. Do any of these comics relate to your life or do you just know someone who would love them? Either way, be sure to share them around and give this artist some love!