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Brexit – Three Geek Fantasy Exit Strategies For The UK

Brexit – Three Geek Fantasy Exit Strategies For The UK


The world woke up to quite a change this morning as the British public have voted to leave the European Union. Brexit is happening!

While the rest of the EU and the world try to get our heads around the news and the UK begins their planning for the future. The news has got me thinking just where Britain and it’s wonderful people could take their country and I reckon geek culture can teach them a few things.

So people of Britain lend me your figurative ears and take a look at three possibilities for your future (super remote, highly unlikely, possibilities). Feel free to choose one of them, if you like!

28 Days Later – Apocalypse Scenario

Screw it, go one step further with this whole exit thing and start fresh. There’s no better or faster way to this than a viral outbreak of the zombie variety! Yes there are going to be casualties but think of the cardio and the plummeting of the national obesity levels! That’s a silver lining right? If 28 Days Later taught us anything it’s that despite the terrifying monsters, you’ll be able to take in the serene and suddenly super quiet English countryside and smash in vending machines for sustenance!


Those of you who do survive the onslaught of super fast, super angry zombies can then reshape the country in your own image. Just make sure to not let any megalomaniac army types into power, that never ends well!

V for Vendetta – Dictator Scenario

Speaking of megalomaniac sociopaths, you could opt in for the V for Vendetta scenario and throw weight behind a terrifying mouthpiece with equally terrifying hair (see Boris or Nigel!). Alan Moore’s increasingly accurate graphic novel depicts a Britain wrapped up in fear and crushed under the talons of a brutal dictator and political group… I’m still referring to a fictional Britain here, try not to get confused with the current Britain.


You’ll need to put a terrifying head of state into power, cast your very own High Chancellor Adam Sutler. You’ll need someone that has a face you’ll want to punch but also scares the crap out of you. The only good news about this scenario is that there will be an undercurrent of dissent amongst the people, it will just take a masked  vigilante to ignite. Seriously, this is fiction…

Bioshock – Apocalyptic Dictator Scenario

Can’t decide between scenario one or two? You don’t have to folks! Bioshock is set after the events of World War II. A group of people who thought they knew better they were better than everyone else form a new society/city under the sea! Sink the sections of Britain that voted to leave and allow them to flourish in their new aquatic surroundings.


You’ll need a strong figure to keep the masses in line, an Andrew Ryan figure, a futurist and a psychotic lunatic. You’ll be free from the constraints of surface society, laws and morals! It will be a right blast until it isn’t and then it will be a bit of a challenge. There’ll be hordes of psychos tearing each other apart for scraps, the man in charge will get even crazier and you’ll point the figure of blame at everyone else for deciding to go deep!

Bonus Scenario – World Domination

Why stop with freeing Britain from the shackles of the EU? Go big or go home Brits! Employ a super villain and endeavour to spread British cheer, jam and culture everywhere!

Take your time Britain, there are plenty of other non doomsday scenarios to choose from but make sure whatever you do, do it with style, grace and class!