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Top 10 Noob Mistakes

Top 10 Noob Mistakes


Allow me to begin this list by explaining to you dear reader that I’m one of the biggest noobs you’ll ever meet. This list isn’t just pulled out of the air, no what’re you getting here is years of personal experience.

We all start out noobs no matter what we’re doing; cosplay, gaming, collecting or even attending conventions but it’s our experience that figuratively allows us to level up but it’s these mistakes that pull us right down.

Ditch The Manual, Noob!


I can’t remember the last game I bought that game with a manual and I found myself annoyed at that fact. Then I remembered even when I had one I never read it! Not once! Unless we’re talking board games or roleplaying games and even then I skim read and just take what I need before playing!

Skip The Training Ground

MMORPGs usually come with a safe area for you to learn about the world, your abilities and gameplay. If you don’t spend at least 15minutes here at the start of your journey, you’re going to have a bad time!

Fail To Read Descriptons

I’m not referring to the manual here! I’m talking about in-game dialogue! Sure you’ll get the gist of it but when it turns out you actually needed to get a special potion or weapon to defeat the next boss and you’ve charged in 15 times and died 15 times you’ll regret it! Eventually!

Join The Wrong Party


Joining a party is great, you’ll meet new players, you’ll learn from them and even get some loot. Join the wrong party and you’ll be used as a meat shield, nothing more!

Go Wandering


Low level areas are for your own good! Go explore at your own peril! Pace your adventure or you’ll soon find yourself completely our of your depth.


Save your goddamn money, you don’t need to own 50 different shades of purple for your outfits! You do need food, you do need a new bow but you don’t need sky magenta dying liquid!

Underestimate The Enemy


If it looks like it’s going to kill you then it probably will!

Overestimate The Enemy

Boss Battle

If it looks like it’s going to kill you then get a party and work out your role in all of it!

Panic Stations

In one of my first rpg games I was playing an air mage. Together with a fire mage we created a super powerful fire bomb with the intent of blowing up a colossal undead monster, we even had an earth mage boost the strength of the spell. Each turn we had to make rolls to ensure our control on the spell with an increasing difficulty and penalties. I panicked! Not my character, not my team, me! I flipped, the gm read into my fear and the bomb went off leaving us near death, lost at sea and me in the doghouse!


Whatever you do try retain some calm under pressure!

Give Up

This is my biggest sin! I’ve quit so many games because I’ve fallen behind others, I’m outranked, outgunned and not bothered doing my own thing. Biggest mistake you’ll ever make! Those other players, cosplayers, collectors and such have all gotten to that level because they stuck with it! So don’t give up!