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Street Fighter V Undersells At 1.4 Million Copies

Street Fighter V Undersells At 1.4 Million Copies


As fighting game launches go, Street Fighter V has become infamous due to the amount of fan outrage the game garnered, with players angry with a lack of content and broken server issues. With this rocky launch, it is no surprise that Street Fighter V has not sold as well as Capcom had hoped, raking in only 1.4 million copies across both PS4 and PC versions.

For reference, Capcom had originally hoped to move 2 million units of the game, with their other big release of the year, Monster Hunter X, selling 3 million copies already. Keep in mind Street Fighter V had a huge pre-order beta lead up and Monster Hunter X is only available in Japan at the time of writing this article.

Regardless of the poor sales of Street Fighter V, Capcom has done well overall in sales, with a net income of 17.1 percent to $72.3 million, not counting the coming western releases of Monster Hunter Generations and Umbrella Corps.

At this point, the damage has already been done for a lot of players. Even with Capcom continuing to add new content to the game, a sales figure that low may result in Street Fighter V being considered a failure for Capcom. With two DLC characters already out, more on the way and a full cinematic story mode coming in June, there still may be time to win back the player base.

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