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90s X-Men Movie Setting Confirmed

90s X-Men Movie Setting Confirmed


You never need an excuse to listen to the spine tingling opening theme for the 90’s X-Men animated series, so do yourself a favour and listen to it while you read this amazing news story!

Anyone following the current X-Men movies would be able to take a strong guess at what the next setting would be for a fourth film. First Class was set in the 1960’s, Days of Future Past in 70’s, Apocalypse is smashing up the 80’s so logic would indicate the 90’s were up next!

Speaking to ComingSoon.net producer and screenwriter Simon Kinberg confirmed that the next film is set in the 90’s but it’s unclear whether Kinberg was referring to a fourth X-Men title or the New Mutants film.

Regardless, mutants and superpowers in the 1990’s is a feast for every kid and kid at heart who spent Saturday mornings glued to television screens and every Saturday afternoon throwing forks (with telekineses… obviously!) at their younger brother!

We’ll update you if and when there’s a confirmation on just what mutants will be keeping it real 90’s style!

X-Men Apocalypse opens in cinemas May 18th.