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The New Thing – Gif Essay

The New Thing – Gif Essay


Everyone has their circle of mates where you all have similar interests, have a special parlance and understand the same weirdly specific in-jokes. For the most part everyone likes the same stuff and has a bit to chime in with no matter what the conversation topic switches to. Occasionally someone will find a New Thing that they love, and nobody else quite gets it, but it’s not a big deal, because you still have everything else to talk about.

…Then eventually there comes a time when everyone discovers the same New Thing and you just don’t get it, suddenly you’re lost in conversations and the rest of the world seems to move on without you.

The Arrival

So, it’s just arrived. The New Thing. Maybe you’ve all been waiting for it, or maybe it just came out of the blue, something viral that just suddenly sparked.


Everyone loves it. It’s astounding! Brilliant! The best New Thing ever!


Except you… You just doing get it. Why on Earth do people love this?


The Takeover

You survive for a while. Sure it’s present in most conversations, but you still get to talk about other things.


Then, slowly, it creeps in more and more. You cannot escape it.


Until eventually it’s the only thing that anyone seems to talk about.


The Ever Present Loneliness

Weeks pass. The New Thing still isn’t gone. You are no longer a part of this new world.

happen to you

Eventually, you’ll go to your local watering hole, only to find your usual table is empty. Everyone is still at home, engaging with the New Thing.


The Return to Normality

You no longer perceive the passage of time. Evenings spent together have merged into one big blur of jargon and memes that you barely understand.


You start to feel like you just can’t handle it anymore. You just need something new to talk about. Anything at all.


You’ll long for the days of yore, for a time when you’d all be able to have a nice normal conversation about DPs, crosses, punishment, frames and other regular, totally everyday topics.


Then, finally, it may take weeks, or even months, but the storm will pass and the feeling will be so beautiful that you can hardly describe it. boondockSaints