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Awesome Arachnids – Back Issues

Awesome Arachnids – Back Issues


The Spider-Man family has been in constant expansion since the original Spidey swung into comics in 1962. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of our favourite arachnid heroes in Marvel’s comicbook spider family.

Spider-Man: Peter Parker

Awesome Arachnids Spider-ManThe original Spider-Man has seen many iterations since his debut in 1962. In particular we got to see some alternate takes on Parker in the events of Spider-Verse, which dragged a staggering amount of Peter Parkers and other Spider characters into the biggest comic event in Spider-Man history. From his origins, to him learning the responsibilities of being a hero. Peter Parker is a Spider-Man we have all grown to love.




Spider-GwenAnother fan favourite, in an alternate universe, Gwen was bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Parker. Currently having the ability to hop between her own universe and the main comic universe, Spider-Gwen ‘s unique costume, attitude and quirky world make her one of the most captivating new hero additions to the Marvel world.



Spider-Man : Miles Morales

Spider-ManMiles Morales is the second acting Spider-Man currently swinging around as an Avenger in the main Marvel Universe. Originally rising to the mantle in the ultimate universe, where Morales takes a stand in  Parker’s absence. This wise-cracking hero quickly becoming a fan favourite, with fans eager to see him hit the big-screen at some stage.



Black Widow

Black WidowNatasha Romanoff, one of the worlds greatest assassins, adopt the mantle of the Black Widow, a spider that also bears her insignia on its abdomen. With her Widow’s bite bracelets used to stun enemies, her Widow’s line grappling hooks to add extra layers of maneuverability, as well as her Widow’s Kiss knock-out gas.



Scarlet Spider

Scarlet SpiderOne of the most recent cast additions to the  fourth season of the Ultimate Spider-Man animated tv series. The ruthless, hard-headed spider isn’t exactly a team-player. With Kaine currently donning the Scarlet Spider suit in the comics, the character is an unstable, deformed Parker clone created by the villainous Jackal. Having dabbled as a villain on more than one occasion Kaine’s poor mental health makes him one of the most reckless of our Spider heroes.




Spider-GirlOn her first day of school, Anya Corazon finds herself entangled in a brawl between two feuding clans. The Spider Society and The Sisterhood of The Wasp.Mortally wounded amid the conflict, a mage from The Spider Society uses a Spider tattoo which grants her spider-like powers. In the comic world today, Anya is a member of the Web Warriors team.



Iron Spider

Iron SpiderIn the third season of the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, Spider-Man gives the Iron Spider suit to the teenage Amadeus Cho. Those who are familiar with the comics will be aware that Cho is now the Totally Awesome Hulk in that universe. The Iron Spider suit is a Stark creation, first appearing in the Civil War arc of the comics, worn by Peter when he allied himself to Stark. A tech suit with jet repulsors and an additional 4 legs. The Iron Spider suit is some serious business.




Spider WomanJessica Drew is renowned as one of S.H.I.E.L.D’s top agents. Nut nothing could prepare her for the biggest challenge of her life; motherhood. Juggling heroics and child raising is taking Drew some getting used to, but when the life of her child is in danger, nobody wants to get on the wrong side of Spider-Woman.Particularly with a power-set containing pheromone manipulation and bio electric energy abilities.



Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man 2099Fresh from the future, Miguel O’Hara is currently residing in present day continuity, searching for a means of ensuring his future, 2099 does not become a barren wasteland. This hot headed hero just doesn’t give up. Joined by the Captain America of 2099 Roberta Mendez, he is determined to find a way to prevent the terrible version of his future from becoming his reality. With the ability to fly, and two arm blades, O’Hara is a Spider-Man that packs a punch.




SilkTrapped in a bunker for over ten years, Cindy Moon was the second victim of the radioactive Spider that bit Peter, however when her powers manifested, she struggled to control them. Guided by Ezekiel to harness her powers, he locks her away in a bunker in order to protect from the inheritors, a group that set about killing the Spider-heroes of every universe in the events of Spider-Verse. Silk is capable of shooting strong webbing from her finger tips, and is competent in hand to hand combat which even helps her go toe to toe with Black Cat.