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Chic Crystals: Part 2 – Style Saturday

Chic Crystals: Part 2 – Style Saturday


Its been a while since the last Steven Universe inspired style Saturday and too long since the last episode so I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms so I figured, why not get my fix and look stylish while I am at it too.

I will be finishing off the Crystal Gem looks with Pearl and Amethyst. These two are total opposites in terms of personalities. As a result, they clash, a lot.  But when they work together boy is it beautiful.

Pearl is elegant, refined, poised and a bit “cray cray”. Amethyst is very outgoing, fun, loud but a lot more sensitive than she is given credit. So I wanted to create outfits that I felt they would like.


Pearl in the Steven Universe world is not the norm. She is a rebel to the status quo and that is what makes her a serious threat. Her style and grace remind me of ballerinas so I really wanted to incorporate that vibe.

I prefer her most recent look, so that is what I based the idea of this outfit on. Her colour palette is very pastel in appearance so that is what I went for making it a little bit more vibrant.

I went for an aqua blue top. I was fortunate enough to find one that was flared at the bottom just like her own. I then added a belt that is a lighter shade of blue to depict her sash that she started wearing post regeneration.

Next I went for a pair of shorts in an amber yellow. I was really excited about the shoes because I wanted to break away from her typical ballet pumps, so I chose some adorable blue heels paired with some pink ankle socks. To top off the look I chose a white jacket .

Jacket €23, Top €8.97, Shorts €17, Belt €9, Heels €27, Socks €6.28Flats €7.17, Socks €12

Total: €91.25 (heels combo)/ €77.14 ( flats combo)



For Amethyst’s look my goal was 100% comfort. She had such an unfussy vibe about her that I wanted the outfit to channel the same thing.


Her colour palette is varying shades of purple with some black and white. I started off with pale purple jeans similar but lighter than Amethysts leggings minus the star of course. Next I had to go for a tank, I briefly debated a t-shirt but it had to be a tank top to show of those arms.

For outer wear I wanted to stick with a plain black jacket. As for shoes I went for some solid white shoes just like hers but made sure they were shoes that you could be active enough in, comfort and little fuss is key here.

The outfit as a whole is one that I wanted to be laid back and easy-going just like the Purple Puma herself. For the belt I chose a dark purple to go with the purple of her whip and to add the finishing touched to the look a simple amethyst pendant that lies perfectly on the chest.

Jacket €32, Top €11, Jeans €25, Belt €4.39, Shoes €45, Pendant €9.33Pendant €9.33

Total: €126.72