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Gifs That Perfectly Demonstrate Realistic College Life

Gifs That Perfectly Demonstrate Realistic College Life


Contrary to popular belief, college life is not all about beer pong and cup noodles. Many students work as well as study.

Juggling work, college and a social life (or lack there of) is far from how student life is perceived!

First day back at college

Summer has ended you promised to keep in touch but you were too busy revelling in doing nothing that you forgot. Plus you got some new fancy thing you need to show your favourite class mates.

Second day of college

You aren’t used to working up early anymore and your body is fighting you every inch of the way after you thought you could cope on four hours of light sleep…

Getting assignments

First assignment of the semester and you have a month to do it but, hey, you plan on doing it by the time the week is out so you aren’t stressed. You got this.

Reaching deadlines

How have I got 6 assignments due in 2 days and none of them started? I don’t know, you tell me because I could have sworn we only got that assignment yesterday. Also, didn’t I have a plan here?

Having no life

I am a final year student. I have no life! Don’t invite me to things but invite me so I know I still have friends.

Eating right

How is my diet during the summer so much better when I have nothing stopping me from sitting by the fridge all day?! God I’m hungry… I’ll get those €3 chicken fillet rolls… they call to me.

College is full of ups and downs and it can be harder than people understand. Dont be afraid to speak to someone if you feel overwhelmed. Ask your SU about services that may help with your mental health.