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Racecraft Developers Discuss Key-Seller Scammers

Racecraft Developers Discuss Key-Seller Scammers


Key-selling websites like G2A, Kinguin and CDKeys can be an absolute nightmare for indie developers. Because of the rise of these sites, scammers have contacted independent studios asking for keys for a variety of lies such as giveaways or posing as prominent streamers or YouTubers.

Racecraft developer Vae Victis Games are victims of such attempts and it seems they’ve reached their limit. The developer posted this photo along with a statement on their Facebook page last Wednesday:


Exposure and coverage are the keys for indie developers to make people aware of their products.

When you’re an indie team and you develop a PC game, as soon as you release it on Steam, you receive an awful lot of e-mails of people requesting Steam keys to review your game and organize giveaways to promote it.

That would be amazing, if it was true.

We receive tens of e-mails like this every day and we’re pretty tired about that. Checking every e-mail you receive makes you waste lots of precious time you should spend engaging your community and communicating to the people who really want to help you spreading the word about your game.

99% of these e-mails come from scammers, people impersonating popular bloggers or streamers, which just want your keys to resell them on Kinguin, G2A and other similar outlets.

Racecraft developers also happen to be the founders of Lega Nerd, a popular Italian geek-related blog. A few days ago we received an e-mail from someone who was posing as a Lega Nerd community manager, asking for Steam keys.

It made us laugh (bitterly, of course) but pissed us off too.

This is killing indie devs. So, it has to STOP.

If you care about indie developers and their survival and you want to support them, please share this post and buy their games only from outlets such as Steam, Humble Store, GOG, Bundlestars and all the other official stores.

Maybe it’s going to cost you a bit more, but this is the only way indie devs can be properly compensated for their work and, therefore, continue thriving in the industry.

Seems like a depressing situation altogether. They raise a fair point that if you want to support a developer just buy their game through legitimate outlets such as Steam. If you’d like to check out Racecraft you can by clicking here.