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Otaku Digest – The Mother Of All Anime Mothers

Otaku Digest – The Mother Of All Anime Mothers


Another week is down and we are kicking March off in style! No first looks at the anime series of the winter season this week, however; this week we celebrate that one person who we could not do without in our lives – our mothers – and it’s only apt that today I honour all the best anime mothers.

One thing you may notice about anime is that, much like Disney princesses, the parental figures are not always present in the child’s life and they often live alone or with a relative. What do these shows have against the mother figure since they are the parent most often absent from the family?

Much like everything else, however, when anime do write in a mother they are some of the best and well written characters and parents to grace our screens. So this week in celebration of all the mothers and mother figures out there we are counting down the top 5 mothers in anime this week.

The usual disclaimer stands as these are my top 5 favourites and if you feel I left someone out please let me know in the comments.


5 – Jinko Kaname – Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Most people may not even realise who this mother even is as, when you think of the amazing magical girl anime Madoka Magica, the first thing you tend to think is ‘Wait, weren’t all those girls orphans or orphaned in some way?’ What you forget is that both Madoka and Sayaka had parents even though we only really meet Madoka’s.

Her mother is Jinko and she is a very refreshing take on an anime mother because not only is she not deceased in the series but she is also not a stay at home mom. She also doesn’t have what anyone could describe as a cute job. She is a business woman, and a pretty cut throat one at that, but yet she is dedicated and loving towards her family.

Yes, before it is mentioned, she is an alcoholic in the series and they do not shy away from that, yet when Madoka needed advice or help she was always there to give it. Madoka is a good person and makes clear decisions because that is how her mother raised her. Even when faced with the chance that she may never see her daughter again, she lets Madoka go as she knows she will make the right decision. Jinko you are a really awesome mom but maybe cut down on the liquor.


4 – Kyoko Honda – Fruits Basket

I am well aware that when the series begins she has already passed away but that does not take away from the fact that Kyoko was in Tohru’s life for more than a minute and helped mould Tohru into the person that she is today.

A former school dropout and gang member (yes I said gang member), Kyoko grew into a stand-up member of society and an even better mother. We get a far better sense of who she is in the manga as the story delves into her own family background and her relationship with Tohru’s father. In the anime we only really get snippets of what Tohru and her closest friends who Kyoko basically adopted tells people around them.

The love Tohru and those who knew her had for her mother is clear and it’s obvious that Kyoko was an excellent mother. Tohru always says her mom would have done anything to provide for her and keep their family going, even work like a dog which is in turn where Tohru got her hard working ethic. She also always finds it hard to accept the help of others, which is a trait she got from her mom as well. Kyoko fought the hard fight and in the end gave us one of the sweetest anime characters in the genre.


3 – Queen Serenity – Sailor Moon

No I am not putting Neo Queen Serenity on this list and instead her mother Queen Serenity as technically we may never see either of them raise their children. However, we know straight away about the sacrifice that Queen Serenity made during the war with Queen Beryl for her daughter Serena and the other sailor scouts.

Knowing all that she knew and loved would be destroyed on the moon if Queen Beryl was not defeated, Queen Serenity uses the last of her power and the imperial silver crystal to banish Queen Beryl and send her daughter Serena, Serena’s true love and the other sailor scouts to be reborn on Earth. There, they could live out their days unaware of the evil negaverse but still have their powers in case Beryl ever returned.

She’s another mother that was not only prepared but actually made the ultimate sacrifice for her child, as people forget that after sending them away Serenity was left alone on the moon to die. Though she does often make cameo returns in the anime to lend a helping hand or explain the past. Queen Serenity is as regal as she is motherly and is prepared to do anything to save her child.


2 – Trisha Elric – Full Metal Alchemist

This is another mother who is very much deceased in the actual series, but is it any surprise that the Elric brother’s mother made it onto the list or this high on the list? Trisha Elric is the epitome of an excellent mother; where there are many single mothers on this list, she tops the ranks as her sons are aspiring alchemists and she must have had her hands full with two boys who could literally destroy or morph her furniture and home.

She is a gentle and sweet woman who is loved by all those who meet her and especially by her family. Although he left her, she was so loved by her boys’ father, Hohenheim, and he was reluctant to leave. There was a short time following his departure where she becomes depressed and stared out windows as if waiting for him to return, which is why Edward and Alphonse would try and cheer her up with their skills in alchemy.

She is the main reason the boys continued to study and improve their alchemy as they saw how happy it made their mother even if the real reason she smiled was quite sad. Trisha succumbed to an illness when the boys were young and her passing and the event that followed set the Elric brothers on their journey and adventure.


1 – Bulma Briefs & Chi Chi – Dragonball Z

Is this any surprise, really? When anyone thinks of anime, the first mother you think of has to be one of these two for sure. Bulma and Chi Chi share the top spot even though I did really want to give this to just Bulma considering she is a far better mother. However, even I have to admit that Chi Chi is one bad ass mother when it comes to her children and both would do anything for their offspring.

These two married and had children with two men that can be crowned world’s both worst and best dads, with Goku clearly taking the lead since Vegeta does attempt to stay around and his sacrifice was much more heartfelt, whereas Goku dies every ten seconds.

However, something these kids had was a mother behind them, pushing and looking out for them. Hell, future Trunks only made it to the past because Bulma created the time machine to help save their future. Also, just look at that future and who has survived? Both Bulma and Chi Chi is who.

Yes, Chi Chi is a very overbearing mother as she is literally obsessed with Gohan’s education but fast forward to adult Gohan where he is a functioning human being and that is all down to Chi Chi. Both these moms take and deserve the number one anime mom slot, just saiyan.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!