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‘Hold My Hand’ – Lee Hi – Kpop Track of the Day

‘Hold My Hand’ – Lee Hi – Kpop Track of the Day


One of the most anticipated comebacks and it was not a disappointment. Lee Hi’s cool and smooth voice brings an unforgettable jazzy pop element to every song she sings. To compare it to something (or someone), I would say she has an Amy Winehouse quality to her voice, that she manages to make completely different and original. This is where the unforgettable part comes in.

Another reason we love Lee Hi is for her playful attitude that shines through this music video. A Video game -style love song? Eh, where do we sign up for a subscription, because that is awesome! Full disclosure though, there’s a lot of pink and adorable girly-ness, which I personally love but it’s not for everyone. If you’re interested in graphic design or video editing, this should be of interest to you though.

This song is such a beautiful jazzy pop number with a lovingly sad meaning. Picture your last breakup, and the moment you both decided to end it. Whether you said goodbye with a hug, an awkward handshake or a finger; remember how hard that was? And then a month or two goes by and you remember how it felt having that special person sleeping beside you. Hogging the covers or being a second (lumpy) pillow. Or holding their hand down the street. Anyone could miss that feeling. That is what this song is about. Need I say more?

I’ll leave that for you guys. Let us know what you think and what you want us to review next!! Enjoy.