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‘Sorry’ – Juniel – Kpop Track of the Day

‘Sorry’ – Juniel – Kpop Track of the Day


Today’s kpop track of the day is from Juniel, a 22 year old female singer. She originally started her career in Japan before coming on to the Kpop scene and we’re loving her musical style.

On August 21 2015, Juniel made a comeback with her second digital single ‘Sorry’ on the Korean chart show Music Bank. This song is very soothing and beautiful, but it’s also rather sad, as the lyrics are about breaking up.

In the MV, Juniel is in her bathtub, soaking up the bubbles as she reminisces the times with her lover. It was later revealed, via Juniel‘s official Facebook page, that she was a mermaid and that the MV is actually inspired by The Little Mermaid story.

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