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Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Gif Essay

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Gif Essay


It’s that time of year again folks! This week is St. Patrick’s Day, that day of the year where literally everyone in the world wishes there was a little bit more Irish in them! Some of you are planning wild nights out with massive hangovers the next day while others are just thankful to get the day off to chill at home. From our perspective, most people in Ireland tend to do the latter, having lost the charm of the holiday to repetition and a crowd of tourists. Here at The Arcade, we’re trying to put some holiday cheer back into the Emerald Isle, so without much further ado:
St. Patricks Day - HIMYM

Dress to Impress:

It’s an old superstition that he who does not wear green on St. Patrick’s Day will suffer from bad luck and therefore must be pinched. Well, we might not all have a magnificently tailored green suit like our dear Mr. Stinson in the above gif, but that’s nothing to stop you running down to the nearest Penneys and making a fabulous outfit out of the cheapest thing you can find. Alternatively, since this website is primarily dedicated to nerds, consider this option:

Your Best Jig:

Odds are, if you grew up in Ireland, you had to learn to ‘aon, do, tri’ at some stage. Whether you’re a veteran Irish dancer with the green blood of Michael Flatley coursing through your veins or some odd sap who starts flailing their legs after a few pints, get stepping out on the dancefloor. The more you pretend to know what you’re doing, the more tourists will believe you!

St. Patricks Day Leprechaun

Is Maith Liom Caca Milis:

Funny story, a couple of years ago I was approached on St. Patrick’s Day by a man from South Africa who spoke fluent Irish and needed directions to Temple Bar. Needless to say, I stared at him blank faced and tried to pretend I was also a tourist, but what I learned that day was that you need to be very careful when you try to use your junior cert Irish phrases to show off some of your Irish charm. Be wary of the dedicated but ill informed tourist who believes all Irish people must know their language. Carlsberg Irish Gif

Everyone is Irish:

For Irish people, there is little more annoying than someone who claims they are Irish because their great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grand daddy moved to Brooklyn during the famine. There is not a single person in any pub in Dublin on St. Patrick’s that will not claim they’re Irish. Just go with it, let them have their fun. But if any of them start asking you to do leprechaun impressions, I don’t think any court would condemn you for giving them the true ‘Temple Bar at 4am’ experience.

St Patricks Day - Boondocks

One Last Thing:

IT’S ST. PATRICK’S DAY OR ALTERNATIVELY ST. PADDY’S DAY! I don’t know who this Patty person is, maybe she is a saint! But this is not her day! If you even think about pronouncing it as St. Patty’s Day you will infuriate every Irish person in the room. For the love of your hole, don’t do it, ye eejit!

St. Patrick's Day Pulp Fiction

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!