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Beyond Good And Evil 2 Rumoured To Have Nintendo Funding

Beyond Good And Evil 2 Rumoured To Have Nintendo Funding


According to Destructoid, Nintendo may be doing for the Beyond Good And Evil sequel what it did for Bayonetta 2. If the rumour is true then Nintendo could be boosting the funding for the game’s development, in return for an exclusivity deal.

The sequel, which these rumours title as The Prejudices of Philosophers (A reference to the Nietzsche book, Beyond Good And Evil, from which the original game gets its name), has been in development limbo for years. First there were small mentions of its existence, then an excellent trailer way back in 2008 and since then, very little except the continued assurance of Ubisoft that the game is still very much on their radar.

The rumours come from Alexander Maier, who has previously leaked numerous pieces of information on Nintendo with high accuracy from other sources, along with more recent details on the future of the NX which still remain to be verified. Apart from these rumours, Destructoid also reached out to another of their sources, one who was able to clarify a number of the details.

This information is all still very much in the rumour mill and absolutely nothing official has been confirmed, so it may not be time to get your hopes up quite yet if you’ve been waiting for this game as we have. Still, it isn’t at all unprecedented for Nintendo to do something like this. Rest assured that either way, we’ll keep you updated as more details emerge!

Are you looking forward to Beyond Good And Evil after all this time? Or has it been so long that you’ve moved on? Let us know in the comments!