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Why Everyone Should Love Pikachu

Why Everyone Should Love Pikachu


I cannot begin to tell you what it felt like to receive my very first game when I was young and see this screen for the first time:

The special edition Pokémon Yellow was the first game I ever played as a child, and as a young girl with geeky tendencies I can’t think of a better game to introduce me to the hobby.

Not only was Pokémon all the rage amongst my peers, the idea that I could have an itty bitty Pikachu following me around, love in his happy little eyes just completely sealed the deal. I may not have been allowed to take care of a dog when I was 7 years old, but I would sure as shit take care of my tiny adorable electric mouse! I love Pikachu, and for so many reasons, you should too!

First off, Pikachu loves food just as much as you do,

Even if that means savouring every last lick.


Not only that, he knows the value of getting some shut-eye. He’s the perfect partner for your Sunday morning snooze!


When you need to take some time and slow it down, this little lightning mouse knows how to chill! Personally, I’d recommend you don’t bond with your newly found Pikachu buddy in a body of water, but look how happy he is!

You know that feeling when you’ve just found something online that you absolutely need in your life and you can’t help but get excited? Pikachu knows!

Not only will he get excited with you, he’ll fully endorse it! Of course you need an array of Pokéball jewellery! They’re so pretty!

And when it comes to a night out, he has some pretty sweet dance moves!


Pikachu will never let you down! No matter how sad you feel, he’ll always be there to cheer you up.

there there

And even if he’s down…


He never ever lets it keep him down!

get back up

But the number 1 reason why you should love Pikachu? Because Pikachu has so many moments like this that make you believe he loves you back:

From the other side of the screen, this little lightning ball adores you! Even if he can only show his love by shocking you! So let’s all say it together: I choose you, Pikachu!
shock hug