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Meow! Catwoman Makeup Tutorial

Meow! Catwoman Makeup Tutorial


Sometimes we look at certain characters and their amazing costumes and want to wear that very costume right there and then! And most of the time… well, we haven’t got the materials to make the costume we’re salivating over. But sometimes we’ve got the make up to have a little bit of fun with! So for our Sunday theme of ‘Superheroes’, I’ve decided to have a little fun and show you guys how I did my Batman Returns’ Catwoman make up using cheaper products than the ones used by professional make up artists! But first up, we’ve got our amazing Pompberry showing you guys how to get Selina Kyle’s make up look which we’re going to use as our base!

Now that we’ve got our base look sorted, let’s have a quick look at the products I’ve used to create Catwoman’s famous mask!

Snazaroo Black Face Paint
Snazaroo White Face Paint
MadeYewLook Night Owl Eyeliner
Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette – BlackOut & Anaheim

Pretty simple list, right? Each of these can be substituted for another brand, drugstore or higher quality.


You’re gonna need to get a good reference picture, if only for the aid of doing the stitching on her cowl!

Next, take your eyeliner pen and mark out where you want the mask to sit around your eyes. You can use eyeliner for this, a pen, liquid, or gel, whichever is easiest for you. You can also get creative, maybe don’t do perfect circles but make the cowl seem ripped in part, it’s up to you.

Following this, mark out where the cowl sits on your nose with your eyeliner.


Now you get to fill in your mask! Now if you’re like me and you haven’t got dark black hair, or even dark brunette hair anymore, you may not want to fill in the mask all the way to your hairline with face paint. Use your black Snazaroo and a small paint brush at first, just to make sure you don’t go over those perfectly drawn lines!

Now, you may find that your Snazaroo is leaving some streaky marks, but do not fret! Take your black eyeshadow and one of your brushes and dab that black over those marks. In fact, put it over every bit of that black mask so far. Not only will it give you great coverage, but it’ll help set your face paint as well.


Now, get your light brown eyeshadow and shade underneath your mask to give it some depth, but don’t forget about those lines around your eyes as well. Shade those too, give it more depth to make it look like it’s a mask sat on your face.

Final step is the stitching! Get your white Snazaroo and a fine detail brush and get out that reference picture. You can do your own stitching, or you can copy it piece by piece from the picture, it’s completely up to you. Me? Well, it wasn’t perfect, but it looks quite good if I do say so myself!

What do you think? Do you’ve any tips on how to get the perfect Catwoman look? Let us know in the comments!