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King Of New York Expansion Details Announced

King Of New York Expansion Details Announced


King of New York player? Well we’ve got some very good news for you! IELLO Games, the maker of the King of series have released details for a forthcoming expansion to the game.

If you pick up the expansion you’ll be adding one new monster to choose from for your roster. Sharky, a gladiator styled shark has set his sights on the city and looks like he’ll take a hefty bite out of anyone who gets in his way.

Evolutions will allow you to power up your monsters and they’ll carry through to the Tokyo game should New York not satisfy your lust for power.

IELLO’s King of New York: Power Up! is an expansion that adds an additional monster and evolutions for the monsters in NYC.

Captain Fish, Sheriff, and their fellow monsters now have two of their own unique sets of evolution cards for both New York and Tokyo! And a new challenger joins them: Sharky!

In New York, roll 4 Hearts (not necessarily on the same turn!) to draw a card and access violent new Powers!

And now, King of Tokyo: Power Up! fans can mix monsters from both games to compete for the supremacy over Tokyo with Evolution cards!

The expansion isn’t out just yet but you can pre-order your own copy right now from the IELLO website!