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Gif Essay: Dating Someone Less Geeky Than You

Gif Essay: Dating Someone Less Geeky Than You


Fine! It has been some time since I’ve dipped my toe into the dating pool! Fine it’s been a hell of a long time! That doesn’t mean I don’t remember exactly what it’s like though, those awkward first dates, empty silences, flurries of text messages, checking their profile to see if they’re online so you can throw more messages at them (yeah, I play it cool!). Dating can be a nightmare!

Then there are those moments that make it all worthwhile. You meet someone and they think the fact that you’re a gigantic geek is adorable, they even share your interest! Huzzah! The world isn’t an evil, cruel, terrible, unfair, unloving cesspool of darkness and despair…

You meet up but it turns out the last time they played a video game it was on the Atari and they think Doctor Who is a really famous acupuncturist… That doesn’t matter, you can teach them stuff!


Your last few dates went well and they don’t seem to be put off by anything you say, in fact they give you their full attention even if they’re blinking a lot…

I Am Interested

Okay it has been two months, time to ask them over (yes I’m a gentleman!) to hang out, maybe get some food, play a board game or watch some obscure Japanese cartoon. Oh wait you can show them your room with all of your collection…

Too Much

Hmmm that didn’t seem to impress them that much, their sudden but totally believable bout of explosive excuse diarrhea meant they had to go home early. Oh no! You’ve geeked them out… time to reign it in…

Too Late

They’ve been online twice in the last few hours but not acknowledged your message! It’s cool they’re probably just busy! Relax, stop worrying…

In It For The Long Haul

Oh you’re a moron! You just had to show them the cupboard full of Funko pops, the dice collection and the scrapbook of Donna Noble images and accompanying essay you wrote detailing why she’s the best companion the Doctor has ever had! You fool!

Not a Geek

Wait! A text!!! They left their phone at home and only briefly checked in at work! What?! Date night? Two tickets to a screening of Sympathy for Lady Vengeance followed by a marathon training session of League of Legends!

Who Cares

This person is awesome! And it’s not because he or she is a geek, it’s because they’ve taken the time to get know you, love you and love the things you love! Maybe do something nice for him or her this weekend and show them you love them just as much by doing something they love!

I hope you’ll have a happy Valentine’s Day geeks, whether it’s with the one, with friends or with family!