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Geeky Goodies: Valentine’s Edition

Geeky Goodies: Valentine’s Edition


So apparently this weekend is something called Valentine’s Day which is when you’re meant to snuggle up with your loved one and do lovely romantic things together. Or if you’re alone and haven’t got that one special person you could go see Deadpool and cheer on the Merc with the Mouth instead (it’s what I’ll be doing!). But just in case you’ve got that special someone and you want to get them something for Valentine’s Day, we’re here to show you what’s out there and what sort of stuff you can get for your geeky other half! Now some of these are available to order online so you may have to order and then show your other half a picture until their present arrives, or you could even leave little hints as to what you yourself may want… just a little tip!


Some people love getting flowers for Valentine’s Day, and of course there are others who either despise flowers or they’re allergic. So if you fall into the latter category, these bouquets are the perfect solution for you! Still romantically themed, still a bouquet, but not in your conventional sense! Always wanted a bouquet of little Darth Vader plushies? Or how about a whole bouquet of Droids? Or if you’re more into dinosaurs then don’t worry, you’re catered for as well! They retail from $39.99 to $59.99 and can be bought from ThinkGeek.com!




Want to date a Shield operative? Well now you can! …kinda! This awesome shirt  is a nice little geeky touch without being too in your face. Yes, it’s a little pricey at $49.99 but it’s something your other half can wear proudly (while looking damn good too!). You can get this exclusively from ThinkGeek.com too!





Star Wars fans, this one is for you! Want to get the Han or Leia in your life a little something? These stainless steel necklaces hold the perfect quote
that when put together form the Rebel Alliance symbol, absolutely fantastic for when you have to go and fight the Empire after V-Day! They retail at $39.99 and yes, once again you can purchase these from ThinkGeek.com!


A nice little touch for any gamers out there are the next two necklaces, a pair of health and mana potions to wear for whenever you’ve gotta get out there and fight some battles. (Never leave home without them! You never know when a monster might attack!). The etsy shop where you can purchase these awesome little necklaces is WarcraftsByEuphyley and if you check them out you can also get some awesome little elemental necklaces, wolfsbane potion necklaces, stamina necklaces… everything you could want to equip yourself or your loved one for the big bad world!



So neck ties could be a bit of a boring gift, and not exactly something you may think of when Valentine’s Day
rolls around (I don’t blame you at all!) but this neck tie is oh so very different and awesome! It’s 8-bit! Yes, that’s basically all it is but when you’re sat at a desk job or some other job which requires you to dress all snazzy, just imagine how great you’d feel when you look down and spot this guy on your shirt! It’d brighten my day up anyways. You can get this for $19.99 at… you guessed it; ThinkGeek.com!



It wouldn’t be Valentine’s without incorporating Disney in some way… or at least it wouldn’t be for me anyway, but seeing as Disney are just chock full of romantic tendencies in their films, why not check out some stuff available on the Disney Store! My personal pick, which I think looks great not just for Valentine’s Day, is the Mickey and Minnie Mouse love jelly jar with straw! Pop a cocktail in there on V-Day night and sit down with a romantic Disney movie. It retails at £6.95 and you can get it online at the disneystore.co.uk!

Have you ever bought any geeky goodies for Valentine’s Day before? Let us know in the comments!