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Fictional Feelings: Mary’s Men

Fictional Feelings: Mary’s Men


Valentine’s Day is edging closer and that means either spending an obscene amount of money on your significant other to make them happy, or spending an even more obscene amount of time lying around your room fantasising about fictional characters. To be fair, the latter is cheaper. And generally more satisfying.

I, like other staff members here at The Arcade, have a certain Ross Gellar-inspired laminated list of fictional characters who rudely interrupt my day by invading my perfectly innocent, pure thoughts and corrupting them. Which can be distracting, to say the least.

I’m sure you’ll agree with my top 5 fictional crushes, and if you don’t, it’s okay. We can’t all have fantastic taste in fictional men:

Amadeus Cho from Totally Awesome Hulk 

Initially just a Hulk superfan himself, Cho eventually becomes the big green guy in Totally Awesome Hulk! Not only is he one of the eight smartest people on earth, he’s also enthusiastic, witty and such a sweetheart it’d melt your heart. Also, dat jaw line.

Amadeus Cho

And, in my opinion, he’s a much more likeable hulk than Banner ever was. This view is totally not biased because of my attraction to Cho. Totally.

Hook from Once Upon a Time

Say what you want about Once Upon a Time and its cheesy characters and storylines, but nobody could deny that Captain Hook (played by Irish actor Colin O’Donoghue) is a fine example of a man. Emphasis on fine.

Two faced, manipulative and selfish when he first meets main character Emma Swan, he gradually changes his ways after falling for her and shows off his soft, romantic side.

thank you milady

Truth be told, I didn’t appreciate just how much I loved his character until he and Emma’s first kiss in Neverland. That touch of his lips afterwards and the look of surprise on his face is so touching. It seriously brought out my inner fan girl!

Han Solo from Star Wars

I first watched Star Wars years ago when I was still just a kid, and Han Solo (played by Harrison Ford) was one of my earliest crushes. Forget Luke and his mild-mannered ways, I loved the swashbuckling space pirate that is Han Solo and I still do (yes, that includes the now elderly Han in the latest movie, The Force Awakens).

Han Solo

From his passion-fuelled banter with Princess Leia to his uncanny ability to get out of even the tightest of scrapes, as well as the fact that he looks like he was sculpted from marble and given the world’s greatest hair, Han Solo is a crush that lasts a lifetime.

Shuhei Hisagi from Bleach

Bleach was my favourite manga way back when manga seemed to be the only thing I read, and Hisagi was by no means my favourite character, but he was certainly the one I crushed on most.

It may be because his face is scarred and tattooed (with the number 69, I might add…), but Hisagi just looks like such a badass, and his loyalty to his captain as well as his modified shinigami robes and stoic expression are definitely my cup of tea. In case you hadn’t noticed, my type is specifically ‘tall, dark and handsome’ so he totally fits the bill.

Shuhei Hisagi

Hey, I never said I was breaking the mould of what’s attractive! Take it up with my brain.

Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead

Perhaps it’s his husky Georgian drawl, smouldering narrow eyes or walker-killing abilities, but Daryl Dixon (played by the gorgeous Norman Reedus) is my dream man. I wasn’t as taken with him during the first season of The Walking Dead, as he was an ignorant, racist punk with a bad attitude, but the zombie apocalypse was the best thing that could’ve happened to him; he went through some major character development and became the reliable, loyal and accepting Daryl that I admire today. Plus he’s super hot, so there’s that too.

Daryl Dixon gif

As well as that, I know he’d be capable of keeping me alive throughout the apocalypse, which can’t hurt when it comes to having a fictional boyfriend.

What fictional characters are your Valentine’s Day crushes? Let us know in the comments!