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Facebook Is Changing Its News Feed Layout… Again

Facebook Is Changing Its News Feed Layout… Again


Facebook has announced it is changing up the algorithms of your News Feed to allow more commenting and liking more statuses

The constant changing algorithm in Facebook’s backend would melt your brain if you were trying to keep track of what is going on with everything. However by constantly changing things, Facebook has found a way to keep their unfocused audience more interested in its service for more than a decade.

The latest change does make a bit of sense and could prove to be a big one. With over tens of thousands of users surveyed for a while they have noticed a trend in that the stories that are more likely to be liked are better at the top of the feeds.

In the not too distant future you will notice your News Feed looking a little different, populated in a different order highlighting the stories that will be tailored to you.

“The impact of these changes on a story’s distribution will vary depending on the composition of your audience and your posting activity,” reads the post by software engineers Cheng Zhang and Si Chen.

What does it mean for Pages? Well put simply if your Pages don’t satisfy sentiment and interaction then there will be a significant drop in referral traffic. Some may think that by encouraging more clicks to get their rankings higher have been warned that this will only cause a temporary spike before the balance is restored.

For those that fear change, you will be able  manually override what you see first, if you don’t want Facebook deciding that for you.