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DIY Problem? Give Mjolnir A Go!

DIY Problem? Give Mjolnir A Go!


Mjolnir may have better uses like fighting hordes of frost giants, thwarting evil brothers and thwacking the Hulk but one fan has found a new use.

At the end of the day, the weapon is a hammer and hammers are pretty useful. Whether you’re knocking a hole in the wall trying to put up a shelf! Knocking a dent in the family car because those make it go faster, right? Or simply flailing it wildly to scare off the neighbours! Thankfully Dave Delisle, of DavesGeekyIdeas.com actually knows what he’s doing and has published an idea for a Thor’s Hammer Tool Kit.


This compact tool box features several tools and a socket set, for those minor jobs around the house that call for a superhero.

It’s just an idea now and while the tool box (depending on weight) makes a nifty cosplay prop, it’s contents sure would be handy around the house and a must have for the geeky DIY enthusiast.