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Barbie Game Developer Career

Barbie Game Developer Career


Mattel has been busy revamping Barbie and boy are we happy about it.

Not only will Barbie come in 3 new body shapes, 7 different skin tones and have 23 hair and 18 eye colour choices. Her career of the year is definitely one that stands out.

Typically her career choice accompanies some criticism due to her typical looks and lack of substance. For example in 2010 a Barbie book titled ” Can I Be A Computer Engineer” was written and published. The main problem with this is that Barbie was happy to work on the idea of a game but needed “Steve and Brian’s help to help turn it into a game “. This new career for Barbie seems like an apology of sorts for earlier transgressions and it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Game Developer is the Barbie career of the year and people everywhere have already started celebrating this seemingly insignificant milestone.

New types of dolls are available for order from the Barbie site. With Game Developer Barbie becoming available during the summer.