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The Video Game Gym: Episode I – Player Select

The Video Game Gym: Episode I – Player Select


Fed up late nights, sleepy days, bad diets and mushy bodies? We know the feeling! Well it’s time to do something about!

A few years ago we chronicled my attempts to shed the pounds and lead a healthier lifestyle using video games and mobile apps to track and aid his journey. All went well until a 12K run lead to an injury and I threw the running shoes into the wardrobe and forgot about them! Defeated and miserable!

That was until now! Never one to truly give up I’ve decide to dust off the shoes, pack away the snacks and face the diet demons head on and this time I’m not alone!

I’m joined by Arcade team members, Lauren, Ross, Fernanda and Tendai as we set our goals for 2016 in the battle of the bulge! So join us as together we kick open the doors of the ‘Video Game Gym’ and chronicle our journey for the next year through vlog and blog posts. The ups, downs, tears, tantrums and successes will be shared every week as we use new apps and games to help lose weight, build muscle and take on healthier diets and lifestyles.

So meet the team and players below and find out just why they’re here and what they’re dreading and excited for most of all!

Trying to do something similar? Share your story, tips and tricks below in the comments and let us know how your quest is going!