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Capcom Release Street Fighter V ‘Cinematic Story’ Trailer

Capcom Release Street Fighter V ‘Cinematic Story’ Trailer


One of the biggest issues with Street Fighter IV on release was the lack of a proper story, and with the recent explosion of big AAA Mortal Kombat X-style story modes, Capcom needed to step up to the plate. It would seem that Capcom has listened, as they have released a trailer for what they are calling their ‘cinematic story’ for Street Fighter V.

While Street Fighter V will release with character-specific stories (most likely art overlaid with text after each match) Capcom has also announced a cinematic story expansion will come in June. The story in question takes place between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III and plans to bridge the gap between the two games (an odd choice due to almost no original Street Fighter III characters being present in the release roaster). Capcom has also announced the in-game store will not launch until March, allowing players to earn fight money, or simply use Zenny (real money currency). The final beta has also been announced, launching on January 31 for those who have pre-ordered the game.

The inclusion of a larger more fleshed out story mode was paramount for Street Fighter V‘s success, but whether Capcom can deliver on their promises is an issue. The Street Fighter series has a long and confusing storyline, one which rarely makes sense and mixes up timelines constantly. The decision to bridge the gap between Street Fighter III and IV is a smart idea on paper, but the lack of III characters currently in the roaster serves as an issue, though this could be rectified with the DLC characters. Only time will tell if Capcom can produce a proper, Mortal Kombat X style storyline, or create a usual mess of a plot.

Street Fighter V will release for PS4 and PC on February 16.

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