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Gif Essay: The Sunday Snooze

Gif Essay: The Sunday Snooze


Needless to say, we all love a lie in and a relaxing day where we can just switch off. For a good majority of us, that day is a Sunday. Sure, you have that option on a Saturday but usually people have things to do and feel they must be productive and social, but Sundays? Those are they days to shut out the world and live as if no one else on earth exists.

Whether it’s your long week of work, school or college, for those of you out there who work weekends, we really feel for you.

Why wake up? It’s Sunday!

Sleep In

For anyone waking on a Sunday morning, not only do you not want to get up but you force yourself back to sleep as if it was still the middle of the night because why leave the warm and happy place? Why?!

I am happy here…

Not getting up

Once the inevitable has happened and you are awake, there comes another epic inner struggle: not wanting to leave the heavenly cloud that is your bed. Nope, not leaving for anything.

I should do stuff… nah!!!

Should be productive

There is always something that has to be done. We are all very busy people, but more so on a Sunday (or so it seems… that’s what procrastination gets you). However, there is no way it is getting done but it will get a good staring at for good measure.


Hello couch my old friend

Veg out

It is like rekindling a long lost relationship even if you have sat on that same couch every day that week. This day is Sunday and on this day you appreciate that couch so much more considering your butt probably won’t move off it.

Eating everything

That is, of course, until you are hungry and that is generally another rule of thumb for Sunday chill days; you can eat all the things and watch all the things. There is no limit to what you will eat or watch on this day.

Eat even more

And then reality sets in

Last minute work

Then that moment comes where you realise the actual amount of work you have left until the last minute and now you need to rush through and get it done before the break of dawn tomorrow. Whether it was that report your boss man gave you, a late project or just some homework, you are going to be typing with speed and determination to get that work done.

Last minute work rush

Back to the happy place


Then (if you are lucky enough to have finished your work at a decent hour) it is time to lay your head down once more before the dread and yet unhappy acceptance of Monday sets in again.

Happy Sunday everyone!