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5 Geeky Reactions To Working On A Saturday

5 Geeky Reactions To Working On A Saturday


Homer Simpson said it best when he described that perfect feeling of being snuggled up in a duvet as being like a big toasty cinnamon bun. Few things are worse than getting out of your glorious bed to face the cold, tiresome day that is the Saturday shift at work; so nobody could blame you for walking through the doors of your almost-empty office, or college classroom, with a face like the backend of a truck.

We’ve all been there, and now we’ve put together a list of the best geeky reactions to facing work on a Saturday.

Sansa knows

Sansa cry gif

It’s not quite as bad as having to deal with someone as maniacal as Joffrey (though getting saddled with that super irritating co-worker you can usually avoid would be enough to send anyone running for the lemon cakes), but heading to work on a Saturday feels like a death march.

It’s okay, nobody is going to care enough to tattle on you if they catch you napping at your desk.

Full-on Kylo Ren tantrum

Kylo mad

Although Kylo Ren doesn’t seem to mind whether or not he has an audience present for his tantrums (which, by the end of The Force Awakens, reached epic levels of bratty), you probably won’t live it down if you start smashing up the place in front of people. Save it for your bedroom and play whack-a-sock with your laundry.

Get all that nice frustration out before you head to work, or you may have to replace a computer or two.

Nope, too early. Can’t compute.

suicide gif

Somewhere between waiting for the ancient kettle to boil and sneakily trying to watch Jessica Jones on your phone’s Netflix makes you think that you should just quit and binge-eat McDonald’s. Sounds pretty good when you’re staring at the kitchen lino and rethinking all of your life choices.

Just be thankful you don’t work for the First Order. Those guys are strict.

How did I get here?

omg wut gif

You may feel like a zombie wandering around the office, eyeing up the coats and thinking what a great makeshift bed they’d make, but you need to get a grip! Haven’t you seen The Walking Dead? Zombies get taken out by badasses like Daryl Dixon, and in your case that means getting fired for walking around like a lazy Snorlax.

You may not remember when you became an adult with responsibilities but it hits the hardest at 7am.

Accepting your fate

oh no gif

It’s okay, it’ll all be over soon. Think of the end of the work day as beating that final boss you’ve been attempting to get rid of for hours. Sure, you’ve wasted hours of your life doing meaningless tasks, but at least you can now taste freedom. Get your arse to a checkpoint and rest up to fight another day tomorrow!

Were you working today? School? Chores? Let us know how you handled it in the comments below!