Home Comics Upcoming X-Men Crossover Apocalypse Wars will Feature Three Generations Of Apocalypse
Upcoming X-Men Crossover Apocalypse Wars will Feature Three Generations Of Apocalypse

Upcoming X-Men Crossover Apocalypse Wars will Feature Three Generations Of Apocalypse


This gets a little complicated. The upcoming Marvel X-epic ‘Apocalypse Wars’, a time-travel story set over its three major X-Men ongoings, will feature three different versions of the legendary mutant Apocalypse.

Marvel revealed the news via their official website yesterday, going through how each of the different versions of the X-Men will find themselves involved in the story.

First, editor Daniel Ketchum did state that the stories will not overlap, so while each comic will be involved in an Apocalypse-scentric storyline, they will not directly impact each other, though the X-Men overall will be greatly affected by the events of ‘Apocalypse Wars’.

Extraordinary X-Men #8, by Jeff Lemire and Humberto Ramos and released in March, will start off the story. The synopsis for that issue is as follows:

Once again, mutants find themselves an endangered species, and they make a desperate gamble in an attempt to ensure their future—by jumping right to it! But as their last hope for survival hurls into the time stream, they learn that it’s fallen into the hands of one of their deadliest enemies: Apocalypse. Now, Storm must lead the Extraordinary X-Men on a dangerous journey into an uncertain tomorrow as they race against time to take back what’s theirs. But what horrors await them in the future?

Then, Uncanny X-Men #6, by Cullen Bunn and Ken Lashley, kicks off with its chapter in April.

Archangel hasn’t been himself lately. Point him at a target and he will obliterate it, but beyond that, he’s been nothing but an empty, lifeless drone. Obviously, something more has occurred to make Warren behave this way, and Psylocke decides to figure out the source of his attitude change. But in her investigation to learn the truth of what happened to Archangel, she uncovers more than she bargained for.

The other X-Men know how dire things can get when Archangel can’t be controlled, especially Psylocke and Magneto. If the Dark Angel persona regains control of Archangel, then controls the Dark Angel? All signs point to Apocalypse pulling his strings.

All New X-Men #9, by Dennis Hopeless and Mark Bagley, will be the final chapter then in May.

The young X-Men strive to evade the legacies left to them by their older counterparts, but can they ever truly change their fate? Their future faces peril as they get sucked into the Apocalypse Wars, and of course, no one feels the effects more than Evan Sabahnur, AKA Genesis, AKA Kid Apocalypse.

Evan stands out as one of the kindest and most compassionate members of the X-Men team, despite being a clone of Apocalypse. Of all the brave and optimistic kids featured in ALL-NEW X-MEN, none possess more bravery and selflessness than Evan. But as the darkness grows inside of him, it becomes a battle to see if the young hero’s kind nature will win out or whether that kindness and innocence has all simply been a desperate bid to deny his true, evil nature. Can he rise above it? Or does his destiny lie in becoming a genocidal madman like his namesake?

Apocalypse will be making his big screen debut in May 2016 in X-Men: Apocalypse. The film is loosely based on his debut story, ‘Age of Apocalypse’, which introduced the Egyptian mutant as the first mutant on Earth and a holder of most of the most powerful mutant powers and a ceaseless threat to both mutant and humankind.

‘Apocalypse Wars’ kicks off in March 2016.

[Header art by Ken Lashley and Nolan Woodard]