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NASA Discovers Storm On A Star

NASA Discovers Storm On A Star


Astronomers have discovered the first ever star with a storm. This revelation has caused scientists to question how cloud storms are formed in space.

Astronomers from Canada and the United States found a star with a giant storm – something that has never been seen before. The storm has been compared to the Red Spot on Jupiter. While studying the skies during NASA’s Wide Field Infrared Survey in 2011 found the star they named W1906+40. They noticed a dip in the light pattern which they would normally put down to a passing planet or something else.

They did another follow up with the Spitzer telescope which ultimately revealed that what was actually happening on the star was a massive storm. W1906+40 is the first living star that scientists have observed an active storm system on. That storm section, by the way, is three times the size of Earth.

As for how long this storm has gone on or how long it could take to end, it is possible that it could be eternal.