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Otaku Digest: Dancing Meteors Are Heavy Objects

Otaku Digest: Dancing Meteors Are Heavy Objects


Another week can only mean another round of Otaku Digest, the fall season is truly up and underway and while we here at Otaku central are a few episodes behind the usual viewer it has been interesting to hear fans opinions about the new season and I have to say there is not a lot of buzz around this season bar one or two titles. The anime seasons have indeed become very predictable and there has not really been a massive standout series in a long while. Nonetheless we shall proceed with this week’s new series that are up to the chopping block, this week’s anime are Dance with Devils, Gakusen Toshi Asterisk and Heavy Object.

Dance with Devils

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First up we have the anime Dance with Devils which is an adaptation of the manga Dance with Devils –Blight- that originally aired on October 7 and is a romance, Shoujo, supernatural and demon anime. Dance with Devils takes is into the life of Rikka Tachibana who is a ordinary second year high school student who enjoys her say to day life of attending Shiko Academy in Shiko Town and living with her mother, Maria there. That is until one day her life and the balance it had once had fell away and turned to chaos. She continues her days now being loved by and finding herself being attracted to demons, what new hell is this for Rikka?

Here comes our usual fantasy romance series of the season. That opening scene, what can I say it made me wonder had I misses a massive piece of information or a chunk out of some sort of previous episode but no it was simply an opening scene, with English no less, very random indeed. I did appreciate the dark aspects of that opening scene however which vastly contrasts the transition into the ordinary bright life of Rikka, also her seemingly singing the opening theme was an interesting yet slightly unnecessary twist shoved in there. I really cannot tell what was going on in this episode since they seemingly randomly burst out into song which for most would be fine but in this instance I found it very unsettling. I can see what the series was trying to do with the style and feel of the anime but maybe it is because I have seen a hilarious amount of anime exactly like this one and they all follow the same pattern, seemingly generic girl lives generic life until her life is turned upside down by either a hidden gift or a family secret and is protected by young men. I do actually appreciate the story they are trying to do but unfortunately the first episode was too generic without much of a draw bar screaming we are mysterious at the audience.

Will I Continue To Watch? Oddly yes, I want to see if they even attempt to break the mould, also there was an adorable dog at the end there, something is up with that.

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk

21131-nJKgfwrGkFnKNext this week is the fantasy, ecchi. School, sci-fi, shounen and action anime Gakusen Toshi Asterisk or The Asterisk War which began airing on October 3 and is adapted from the manga of the same name. Following the Invertia (a meteor storm) which hit the world during the 20th century, the disaster destroyed many cities worldwide but from within the meteor came a mysterious unknown element called mana which gave human technology a boost and improve in rapid strides. Not only did the mana give this but also there was a rise in a new human species known as the Star Pulse Generation or Genestella. Within the setting of an academy city set above water and surrounded by six academies commonly known as Asterisk. This is where we meet transfer to the Seidoukan Academy Ayato Amagiri whose wish it is to fight as part of the Festas or the Star Warrior Festivals which is a comprehensive battle spectacle. Let the curtains rise and the spectacle begin.

This is actually a series I had heard a bit of buzz about among anime fans so I have been looking forward to seeing what that buzz was about. I will not lie however when I discovered it was one of those school based anime it slightly warped my judgement as this is a genre that has been done completely to death every single season. Also opening an anime with a straight up accidental peeping tom panty scene is a low to get viewers but in their favour jumping straight into an action scene following this completely worked in their favour as it was so well done, they animate the powers these people use beautifully and using generic items such as swords in an interesting way much like a higher tech version of the lightsabre which in an arcade type battle scenario. Something about these kinds of series is finding they fine balance between fan service used and the detailed battle scenes while also maintaining a narrative that is worth following. For this series they defiantly showed off the fan service and action right off the bat while holding explanation and narrative till the end which made the end of this episode very talky and drag more than necessary, however the mission slightly discussed made the episode and series more intriguing.

Will I Continue To Watch? Yes, this story could go somewhere interesting

Heavy Object

20881-hBAYh7CorEQ8Last anime for this fall weekend is the Sci-fi, mecha and action anime Heavy Object also adapted from a manga of the same name, which originally aired on
October 3. Imagine a world where warfare has been changed forever by massive weapons known as Objects which must be piloted by elite Object pilots. Within the training behind the objects we meet an Elite girl called Milinda who meets Quenser another student with the aim to become a mechanic for the Objects while also meeting a soldier in training Heivia on a snowy battlefield. Will they all reach their goals?

First off there was so much CGI used in that opening scene it actually looked so out of place that it gave me a headache after the scene has finished, this may just be a pet peeve of mine towards anime that use a lot of CGI based action sequences but does anyone else feel it can be completely over used and unnecessary sometimes? No? Just me then. This episode in just the opening scene suffered from this syndrome also that opening although giving exposition went on for far too long. Where there was all this CGI used on the action scenes the characters were animated very beige in comparison. This series does have such an interesting idea behind it with the weapons and perhaps it will take more risks later in the series but for a first episode this was just as beige as the characters giving us only some action at the beginning which was mainly splashes in water and some explosions towards the end.

Will I Continue To Watch: Unlikely, far too talky with a lack of action for an anime about giant weapons