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Disney Is Using Star Wars To Teach Javascript To Kids

Disney Is Using Star Wars To Teach Javascript To Kids


Star Wars has been all over the news lately and some would believe that it’s all about the promotion (not that it needs it!) and money, but this take on the franchise is something that shows that it’s not all about the cash.

Since being sold to Disney, the Star Wars franchise has made some really impressive efforts with their charity called Star Wars: Force for Change. 

Code.org, a non-profit that seeks to make coding more accessible, has launched a Star Wars-branded kid JavaScript program that stars Rey and BB-8.

The first tutorial covers JavaScript basics and uses drag and drop blocks and an interactive interface where you can watch your code selection play out in real-time. BB-8 acts out commands and Rey provides guidance.


As your child advances through the programme, pop-up videos from engineers who have worked on The Force Awakens  explain how the world of coding works.

Star Wars: Building a Galaxy with Code is recommended for ages 11+ and definitely seems like a fun way to give kids their first taste of coding. Obviously there is no age limitation so it’s a great taster for anyone interested in JavaScript.

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  1. As someone who is currently learning the basics of HTML and CSS. I think this is a superb idea. Giving kids an early introduction to code will most definitely benefit them if they choose to take it on in later in life.

    1. So true. I don’t have much experience with coding myself but this would prompt me to look into starting!

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