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Otaku Digest: Let’s Get Prodigious

Otaku Digest: Let’s Get Prodigious



Welcome to Otaku Digest anime fans, yes the fall anime season has kicked off but probably what is the most anticipated season of the year, not just because we will be getting a whole host of new anime series that at a glance look very entertaining, some second seasons in there and lastly what is the most anticipated anime event the release of the first of six Digimon continuations. We are finally there, although it was announced to come out back in April all we got was the announcement it would be the fall season and it would be a six part series.

Needless to say Digimon fans worldwide have been waiting ‘patiently’ for the release. The announcement inspired me to take a look back and rewatch the original Digimon Adventure series and see if I could pick out my top 5 favourite Digimon from the series. Usually disclaimer everyone, these are my top 5 favourite Digimon, it is completely my own choices but I want to hear your favourites so please let me know in the comments! Also I am only taking Digimon from the original first adventure season from which the new Digimon Adventure tri is based.

5. Patamon/Angemon

It’s not cheating if they are basically the same one. Yes there is no doubt that little Patamon and his champion form Angemon deserve their place of this list. Patamon is next to TK the ultimate form of true childhood innocence but also more loyal than maybe all the Digimon put together. From the indexvery first episode and the Digimon introduction you know there is something going on with this little guy, in particular when all the rest of the Digimon begin digivolving but there is little Patamon not getting that chance and you genuinely feel for the little guy. Who else wept when he went up against Devimon and digivolved sacrificing himself in the process? I know I did.

Although realistically we see more of Patamon in his guinea big bat rookie form than we do Angemon since he hardly digivolves in the series but when he does, you know the business is going down. Something about Patamon that I particularly enjoy is his relationship with TK, they are both realistically children when they meet, both immature which is evident from their littles spats they have throughout the series which usually ends up with Patamon throwing a strop and storming away or TK leaving him but neither either go too far from eachothers side or leave the other in trouble, both grow together and mature together. Patamon twice since he does technically die and come back. Next to Agumon and Gabumon these two would have to be counted as some of the most influential characters of the series as a whole.

4. Gomamon

I can feel people surprise by this entry on the list since really both Gomamon and Joe get a hard time over being not so much the most liked characters of the entire series in particular Joe. No word of a lie Gabumon was actually in this spot on the list since he used to be one of my favourites from when I first watched the series way back Gomamon_bwhen but upon watching it all over again I really saw Gomamon was so overlooked. The little guys supplies most if not all of the comic relief for that first season, mainly having fun at Joe’s expense but not in a bad way, there is so much sass in this little guy it was hilarious, it is only on those rewatches that you notice those little things about characters.

Something else I really noticed more is the effort and time that went into the relationship between Gomamon and Joe, Joe is the book worm stick in the mud type character where everything must be rational and safe before continuing and then Gomamon is the head first let’s do and think later type but throughout the series you see the effect they have on each other. Gomamon helps Joe to be brave and take chances in his life where Joe shows Gomamon there is a time and a place to be reckless and sometimes stopping and thinking is ok too. Also he can summon a school of fish from literally anywhere, handy much?

3. Terriermon

TerriermonOkay so I may have cheated a small teeny tiny bit in this list when I said it is exclusively from Digimon Adventure original season but I love this little guy both from the film version and reintroduced in the Digimon Tamers anime. Since I first saw this little guy I could not but think, yes we are getting basically another Patamon but completely badass even when he looks like a little pooch. Thankfully I was right, he was very under used in the film adaptation (despite being one of the Digimon who ends up saving the world, that nostalgia bomb is a review for another day) but from the Digimon not only in that film but introduced after you genuinely wanted to see more of Terriermon because he was interesting both personality wise and as a Digimon. He is very like Gomamon in the retrospect that he has a wicked quite wit and comes out with one liners faster than any digidestined. We see his soft side in the film adaptation of him with an actual dark thing having happened to his twin yet he still manages to keep his spirits up and in turn manages to keep Willis going even when he doesn’t want to. Literally man’s best friend in a Digimon with a wicked humour.

2. Wizardmon

Tears are now welling up all over the place, there is no doubt in my mind of that. Saying that I cried when Patamon sacrificed himself for TK and the others was one thing but Wizardmon Wizardmon_bsacrificing himself was a whole other thing entirely. I wept, I didn’t just weep I wailed, the thing is we don’t actually get much Wizardmon in the series, something I realised while I was rewatching the series but what we do get of him actually makes an impact on the viewer of him. You know he may be working for the bad guy but deep down you can just sense he is all about doing the right thing which in the end winds up killing him and his death scene is probably near enough one of the saddest in anime history.

The thing that maybe tips him up the list more is not only his own brand of dry quick wit is his relationship with Gatomon, again making his death even more traumatic since we can see the aftermath it has on Gatomon in particular when his spirit returns to her to warn them. Tears every single time. Moving off all the sadness surrounding him he is just such a well-rounded character, he watches over Gatomon remembering her inner mission even when she has forgotten it, he continues to do bad deeds to protect them and the digidestined and in the end is shown to be the good guy he always was. Wizardmon is well deserving of the second place spot and I still weep during that episode.

1. Gatomon

First place is a complete and utter favourite of mine and I know she rubs a lot of viewers the wrong way especially when they rewatch the show but even upon rewatching I still love Gatomon. She is the feisty Digimon of Kari the eight child who has a more roundabout way of finding her companion. We originally meet her a cohort/slave of Myotismon hunting down the eight child but even when you know she is doing the evil deeds that something else is going on partly because she is too cool Gatomon_(Ringless)_tto be a side characters of a bad guy and secondly because she gets far too much air time to be such but you also see why she does things, she knows she has her own mission to fulfil but from being in the dark so long she has forgotten it but knows there is one.

Her whole personality it what drew me too her, there is so much sass in someone so small, she comes off as arrogant and tough as nails but in reality is smart but reserved in her thoughts and just a soft little kitty. Obviously we see her soft side in the already mentioned death of Wizardmon who she considered her only friend, it literally breaks your heart. You see the same dedication form in her relationship with Kari from the moment she realises that she is her meant to be partner to the point where she is willing to die to keep Kari safe from Myotismon. She is a Digimon full or sass and comebacks but when push comes to shove she is there. Also let’s not forget she is clearly the most badass always being in her champion form, just saying.

Who were your favourite Digimon? Are you looking forward to Digimon Adventure tri? Let us know in the comments!