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Mighty No. 9 Finally Has A Release Date

Mighty No. 9 Finally Has A Release Date



With the cluttered mess that was the Red Ash Kickstarter campaign, many fans have started to worry about what Keiji Inafune and his team, Comcept were up to. Shortly after this disaster of a project, we learned the news that the 2013 Kickstarter success, Mighty No.9, was to receive a major delay due to “bugs and issues pertaining to the online features” after a number of fan criticisms from the backer beta. Possibly as a way of winning back player approval, Comcept has now come out and officially announced that the game was to release on February 9 for North America, with the rest of the world receiving it 3 days later.

Keiji Inafune has seriously dropped the ball as of late when it comes to managing public appeal for his projects. Red Ash was doomed from the start due to its confused campaign and overambitious ideals, but to then delay your already successfully funded project is a clear red flag for any investors or backers of the project. Only time will tell if Mighty No.9 is actually the true Mega Man successor we have wanted.

Mighty No.9 will release in Europe for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, PS Vita and PC on February 12.

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