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Marvel Murder Mystery Project Released On Instagram


Earlier this week, a new project was announced on Instagram involving YouTube star Meghan Camarena along with fellow YouTubers, Twitch streamers and friends.

The project debuted a thrilling murder mystery set in Marvel’s spider-verse on Instagram where various creators appear in a series of high quality photos which will form a whodunit dubbed #SpideyMurderMystery.

UntitledThe story will roll out on Instagram during the week with each photo focusing on a specific character. The series, photographed by celebrity photographer Michael Becker, stars Camarena as Spider-Gwen alongside others in the entertainment industry, including actresses Ashlyn Pearce as Mary Jane and Joanna Sotomura as Silk; stuntman Yoshua Sudarso as Yu Komori, and Twitch streamer Wesley Johnson as Peter Parker.

Additional performers Joey Graceffa, Nikki Phillipi, Linda Le, Alexa Sutherland and Pierre Demery will help fill out and promote the story. Every story will run parallel to each other and feature clues for viewers to piece together.

This is definitely something new and creative and while it might not be everyone’s cup of tea it is certainly a novel idea and something that might take flight over the coming months as a new method of creating content and promotion.

Each character story is told in 9 frames with the schedule as follows:

  • October 26 – Spider-Gwen
  • October 27 – Yu Komoro (Spider-Man 70091)
  • October 28 – Silk aka Cindy Moon
  • October 29 – Peter Parker
  • October 30 – Mary Jane

Additional 3-frame story pieces via:

  • October 26 – Spider-Man
  • October 27 – Black Cat
  • October 28 – Spider-Woman
  • October 29 – Miles Morales
  • October 30 – Spider-Girl