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Irish Designer Creates Line of Retro Gaming Apparel


If you’re into all things retro, Slippytee Clothing have you covered.

Started by Marty Millar from his love of retro gaming and graphic design, his designs bring these classic games to life on products you will probably soon realise you need in your life.

Speaking of the need for better designs in the market, Marty says:

 It wrecks my head that gamers t-shirts look childish and thought there was a massive gap there. We have all of these gamers from 25-45, who want to wear stuff proudly on their games etc but at the same time don’t want cheap designs, so every time I go to design something I just basically ask myself, would I wear it?

Slippytee Clothing’s wide range of products cover wearable fashion from hoodies, t-shirts and tank tops, to home decor items in the form of wall clocks, shower curtains, rugs and duvet covers.

We love to support local homegrown talent here, but Slippytee Clothing go that extra mile, with all proceeds from the products sold  going to the Irish Heart Foundation via JustGiving.

You can check out Slippytee Clothing’s impressive assortment over on their Society6 page.