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Gif Essay: The Accidental All-Night Gamer

Gif Essay: The Accidental All-Night Gamer


Sometimes our decisions to game all night can seem premeditated; sometimes spur of the moment but more often than not we’ll find ourselves looking at the clock, absently noticing that it’s 8pm, only to realize it’s 6am the next time our eyes leave the screen.

As much as we all might furiously deny that we’ve ever accidentally forsaken sleep, it happens. It’s happened to me. It’s happened to my friends. It’s happened to my father. It happened collectively to my entire family. Blame Tomb Raider for that one.

One of the things you’ll notice afterward is the commentary from people. “How could you not notice?” “Did no-one tell you what time it was?” “It’s your own fault” and similar judgemental mumblings. We can’t help it if we become so absorbed in something that we lose track of time, right?

Finding the Game

One of the precursors of an accidental binge is the simple act of getting a hold of a game you’ve been waiting months for. The urge to play the hell out of the game often overrides everything else. Eating? I can eat when this boss is dead. Bathroom breaks? I’ve held it longer on the bus. These simple basic urges get knocked down the priorities list when you finally get your hands on it.

gif 1

It really is the greatest thing ever. If this game was a person you’d marry it and have tiny little cartridge babies together.


There’s just joy and running and explosions and you never want to stop playing this game.


Did I mention the explosions?


You are so totally going Kill Bill on these bad guys!

Losing the Run of Things

All those months of waiting for this game. They were all worth it. What time is it now? 9pm? Still early enough.


At some point in the night someone says something to you and you respond with “Yeah! Sure. No problem.” You forget they even spoke less than ten seconds later. After all, your first Boss is coming up.


Wakey Wakey

The next thing you know is that your phone is ringing. You pick it up to answer it, only to find it’s your 6am alarm. You half laugh to yourself about how your stupid phone is broken and then the reality sinks in.

gif 9



When the Sleep Kicks Back

The dread comes next. After all, tomorrow is a work day. It then dawns on you that tomorrow is now. The work day is now! “What HAVE I DONE!?”


Despite having almost super human stamina levels only moments ago, you’re suddenly so tired you can barely think, forget function.

gif 8

The coffee comes next. So many, many cups of coffee. You actually feel as though you’re going to spontaneously combust.


But even with all that coffee in your system you still don’t feel any more awake.


Your feelings about going to work right now: