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Facebook Is Changing Up Your Profile

Facebook Is Changing Up Your Profile


Your Facebook says a lot about you but, thanks to the new changes that are coming up your profile, it will have a lot more to say about you.

Facebook is the internet phonebook where you can check out everything from what music a person likes to what people they like to hang out with to what they had for lunch! Over the next few weeks, Facebook will be slowly rolling out changes to make your profile have the chance to stand out even more.

Profile Photo


The first thing to note is that the layout of the profile photo will be changing. You will soon be able to upload a 7 second video of yourself that plays in an unending loop. So get creative and go wild!

Your profile photo will also be placed into the centre of the page as opposed to being cast aside to the left hand side. Facebook is all about you so why shouldn’t you be front and centre?


One hundred words to describe yourself! Where to begin? Should you be witty, wild, creative, funny? The struggle will be real with this feature on your new Facebook page.

Extra Photos

Facebook is borrowing from a few online social media sites and allowing you to showcase more than one photo on your profile as well.


Last, but definitely not least, Facebook is making it easier to toggle your privacy controls. Always a welcome move!

What do you think of these changes? Let us know in the comments!