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Capcom Confirms Dates For Second Street Fighter V Beta



With the rocky start to Capcom’s latest fighter being the unstable and laggy Street Fighter V beta, Capcom has released new information regarding the second round of beta access. This time the beta will be a cross platformer, adding in PC users to the fight. The beta is set to run from October 22 until October 25, and will be the first time PC users will get the chance to play the game. Reminder: this beta is only open to those who have pre-ordered the game.

New fighters being added to the beta include Necalli, Ken, R. Mika, and Vega, with Rashid being added on October 23 and Karin on October 24. As well as new characters being added, the beta will feature ranked matches, player searching, and combined Leaderboards for both PS4 and PC. Fight Money is also making its beta launch, allowing you to use un-lockables for both versions.

Street Fighter V releases spring 2016 for PS4 and PC.

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