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Zod Is A Ghost (Without Flippers) In Dawn Of Justice, Claims Shannon



Michael Shannon has previously dropped hints that General Zod may be making another appearance in Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice. Discerning viewers may have spotted Zod’s corpse among the shots in the trailer, sparking discussion. Shannon previously told a strange anecdote claiming his character has flippers instead of hands for the sequel but admitted in an interview with Larry King that it was a joke: The pressure that I’m under in this situation sometimes leads me to say silly things like Zod has flippers… it was a red herring as it were.

However, Shannon claimed to be appearing again in a similar state to Jor-El in Man of SteelRussell Crowe’s character, is kind of like a ghost…So I guess I’m a ghost.” We can presume based on this that Zod will be appearing as a holographic projection of sorts in the coming film. The tight lipped actor refused to say any more regarding his involvement, stating only one more detail, “I did not cross paths with Batman.”

Could Shannon be playing the geek community again or is this information to be believed? Would you like to see Zod again? Let us know in the comments!