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The A-Team Is Getting Another Remake, Fool!



The A-Team, one of the most iconic television shows of the 1980s, is getting remade. Chris Morgan, co-creator of the Fast & the Furious franchise is teaming up with  20th Century Fox Television to recreate the classic series with a contemporary setting and a modern audience in mind.

Albert Kim of Sleepy Hollow will write the pilot screenplay and it will be directed by Tawnia McKiernan, daughter of Stephen J. Cannell, co-creator of the original series. Not much else is known about this new version other than the team will have a slightly new direction. The mercenary band of rogue special forces operatives framed for a crime they did not commit will definitely have female members, thus downplaying the ’80s machismo which peppered (sorry) the original series.

This marks the second time The A-Team has been rebooted, with a 2010 movie meeting a mixed critical response along and a lackluster box office performance, the combination of which likely killed the chance of a sequel.

Don’t you love it when a remake comes together?