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New Rumours Appear For Live-Action Akira Trilogy


“ANIME! High Art - Pop Culture,” a multimedia exhibition spotlighting the art of Japanese animation featuring nearly 400 cels, clips and character models from such popular anime movies and series as “Akira,” “Dragon Ball-Z,” “Ghost in the Shell,” “Pokemon: The First Movie,” “Princess Mononoke,” “Sailor Moon” and “Yu-Gi-Oh!,” will make its U.S. premiere at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences when it opens to the public on Friday, May 15, in the Grand Lobby and Fourth Floor galleries in Beverly Hills. Admission is free. Pictured: AKIRA, Director: Otomo Katsuhiro, J 1988 (Cel). Collection of Mike and Jeanne Glad.

The live action adaptation of the 1982 manga, Akira, has been in production hell for some time now, ever since the rights were bought by Warner Bros back in 2002. The manga was written by series creator Katsuhiro Otomo, with an anime film adaptation being produced in 1988.

The film has left a legacy that many thought could never be recreated, but it would seem that recent reports of a trilogy based off the manga have come to light. The project is to be worked on by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Inception) but not directed by him, and will release in July 21, 2017. Daredevil screenwriter, Marco J. Ramirez, has been set to write the screenplay, with Appian Way producing the film.

Many fans of the original manga and film adaptation have expressed concern of the franchise being adapted as a modern live action film, as the original source material was deeply cemented in the 1980’s visual aesthetic as well as the extremely high crime rate of Japan at the time. It would seem that classic ’80s anime being adapted is par the course however, what with the recent confirmation of a Ghost in the Shell remake starring Scarlett Johansson.

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