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Global Survival Game Eco Seeks Funding

Global Survival Game Eco Seeks Funding


Eco, an incredibly detailed game where you must collaborate to build civilisation using resources from a fully simulated ecosystem where your every action affects the lives of countless species. No pressure, right? 

Sound cool? Well the creators of Eco need YOUR help to get this game off the ground. The incredible Kickstarter campaign is nearing its end, and they have well and truly met their initial target, however with the opportunity to expand and add more features, every little extra helps.

In this open world game, there’s no evil bosses to fight, and the usual big bad could just be yourself. The decisions you make could end up having a knock-on effect to the environment around you. 

In this interactive game, players form communities and vote on laws and establish an economy that works for them. Players must survive on the land and help each other in building houses, shops and offering contracts in areas such as labour.

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