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Gif Essay: 10 People You’ll Meet This Year In School

Gif Essay: 10 People You’ll Meet This Year In School


Congratulations you’ve made it through your first week of school/college! ‘Freshers Week’ is over but you might be a little confused as to what has just happened and what’s coming round the corner for the rest of the year or even the rest of your time studying.

Fear not!

You’re going to meet some of the best, worst and craziest people you’ll ever meet over the coming years and having been down that route ourselves (and some of us work there now fulltime) allow us to map out just some of these amazing personalities!

The Tough But Fair Lecturer

Tough But Fair

They don’t mark too harshly! They overlook your absences from time to time but they don’t appreciate it when you show up late or unprepared for their tutorials. Even though you’ll go to them with some of the most outlandish excuses, they’ll let you slide and afford you that extension you need but don’t deserve. Remember they might be a soft touch but they deserve your respect, you’ll remember long after you finish your learning.

That One Lecturer

That One Lecturer

You dread knocking on their door! Your work is done on time! You haven’t missed a single class or tutorial of theirs not because they’re discussing an interesting subject but because they strike the fear of god into your core. You don’t know where you actually stand with them and all year-long you’ll wonder just what drives them but behind their facade, they’re actually a decent person and they’re just here to teach you something new and who knows you might learn more from them than anyone else you’ll meet.

The Lecturer With The Worst Exams

Its Not On the Exam Paper

‘Don’t worry the stuff we’re covering today will 100% be on your final exam!’. LIAR! You lie so hard we can see them pouring out of every pore on your body! This lecturer is a monster, they seem interesting and they’ll grab your curiosity but don’t trust them! Their final paper is always a monster and if you give them the chance they will obliterate your academic career! Monsters!

The Kiss-Ass

The Kiss Ass

They’ve sold their soul to the devil and that 1:1 better be worth it! They’re never later, to class or handing up an assignment in fact they usually hand it up earlier than the due date. They’re not a bad person, they’ve just made some bad choices and while you recognise that you won’t be able to feel anything other than contempt for them.

The Pair Who Never Go To Class

That Pair Who Never Go To Class

These two will never be in class and yet somehow they will manage to get from year to year. You’ll find them at every social event whether they were invited to it or not and they’ll usually be found in the SU helping out on a regular basis. They’re loveable just make sure to remember you’re in school to learn something and not just party your ass off!

That Mature Student Everyone Hates

That Mature Student Everyone Hates

They know everything! They know what’s coming up in class! They know just what to say to derail the lecture into something entirely useless! They ask a million and one questions because they’ve read ahead for class and don’t seem to care you’ve yet to buy the book. They’re not here to make friends! They’re not here to expand their horizons. They’re here to learn… their way!

That Mature Student Everyone Loves

That Mature Student Everyone Loves

This mature student also asks a million half questions but they’re asking the right ones! They’re just as clueless as you, they thought Anthropology sounded cool too until you both realised that it has nothing to actually do with archaeology! They hang out after class, they go to your lame house parties, they remind you about upcoming tutorial assignments and sometimes if you’re lucky and ask nicely they’ll lend you their notes. Most of all though they remind you of your own parents, so do yourself a favour and give them a call.

Clubs And Socs People

Clubs and Socs

They clog up the SU office! Their posters are everywhere and every day there seems to be a new event taking place on campus! These people are amazing and if you can be sure to sign up to a club or society… or two… or ten! Get involved with them and you’ll see a whole new side to college and learn some pretty handy life skills, you’ll also get to go to some amazing events, meet a diverse group of people and maybe learn something new too!

That Group You Don’t Really Get

The People YOu Don't Know Really Well

They’re super nice and you hang out with them whenever you happen to meet on campus. You can’t call them best friends but you know if you were in a pinch they’d lend you a copy of their class notes or use their library card to check out that book you were meant to read a month ago. Take the time to get to know them and you’ll be better off for doing so, trust us.

Your Best Friends

Your Best Friends

You are going to meet lots of people, hundreds of people, over the coming few months and years. They’ll all shape your life in some way or another and you’ll want to be friends with them all. By the time you finish your studies, you will have lots of new friends but more importantly you’ll have made a handful of best friends. People who understand you, love and trust you. These people are with you for life and you’re going to be a better person just for having them in yours.

Roll on the academic year!