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Boss Rush: Manfred Von Karma (Ace Attorney)

Boss Rush: Manfred Von Karma (Ace Attorney)



There has been a serious buzz around the gaming community and world the past few months and particularly in recent days with the Tokyo Game Show, if you missed anything check out Andy’s coverage of the different game releases. From my own perspective, even though I’m an avid gamer to some respect the reason behind this week’s Boss Rush is the news of one of my favourite games series is not only having a new instalment released but also an anime series in the latestworks. This game series is, of course, Ace Attorney – more specifically the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney original trilogy.

Where there are no real “bosses” in the Ace Attorney series as you spend the majority of your game time researching and investigating the different crimes that Phoenix’s defendant is being accused of, your one mission is to find the lies in the testimonies of witnesses and use evidence to get to the truth. The main obstacles in your way of the truth is the prosecutors who are arguing against you, the most infamous of these prosecutors is Manfred Von Karma.

This man has so much pride and arrogance that it is shocking he does not just gleam with that pride but instead is a completely intimidating person whose mere presence makes you feel lesser in power. He was the renowned prosecutor, having never been defeated for 40 years Von Karma walked around with an air of self-importance knowing that no one can or even try and touch him, which only leads to his downfall. Manfred Von Karma in many ways was untouchable, with a reputation like his not even the judge dares to question what he does or says in the courtroom, he is the mentor to the present day most influential prosecutors Miles Edgeworth. He goes 40 years without a loss till his past rushes to the present day for confrontation with Phoenix Wright ready to get the truth.


Turnabout Goodbyes

We are first introduced to the enigma that is Manfred Von Karma in the final case of the first Ace Attorney game titled ‘Turnabout Goodbyes’ where Miles Edgeworth, rival of Phoenix Wright and the protégé of renowned and feared prosecutor Manfred Von Karma is accused of the murder of Robert Hammond a defence attorney who fifteen years previous had represented the accused murderer of Edgeworth’s father in a Banging_his_head_von_karmacase known as the DL-6 Incident. Hatching an elaborate plan of using Yanni Yogi to carry out the murder of Hammond then the framing of Miles Edgeworth on Gourd Lake, nearly another perfect crime.

Despite his best efforts Von Karma is unable to pull the wool over Phoenix Wrights investigation and it is revealed that it was in fact Von Karma himself who was trying to frame Miles for the murder. The statute of limitations was about to expire on the case and Von Karma took this opportunity to also have Miles convicted of the DL-6 murder and the murder of Hammond, thinking things would be nice and neatly wrapped up with this final conviction.

Something that he did not account for is Phoenix Wright who manages to not only expose this recent crime but uncover the real truth behind the DL-6 Incident.

DL-6 Incident

You never think that a case from fifteen years ago would come back to bite you especially considering it was “the perfect crime”. Fifteen years previous had seen Von Karma his perfect record ruined by a defense attorney Gregory Edgeworth, what a coincidence when that defense attorney is killed in an elevator and the only witnesses who had all collapsed and lost consciousness were the court bailiff Yanni Yogi and the latestattorneys young son Miles Edgeworth who later would become Von Karma’s apprentice and scape goat.

Following the initial trial and Von Karma’s perfect record is smudged an earthquake hit the courthouse, shook but unharmed he feels his way to find and use the elevator but to no avail till he is hit in the shoulder with a ringing gunshot ringing around him and his own scream with it. Power comes back to the building with the elevator doors opening and what greets Von Karma is the image of the two men and child unconscious and a gun at his feet. Rife with anger of his recent loss to the defence attorney he takes the gun and shoots Gregory Edgeworth straight through the heart, drops the gun and leaves.

A shock for Von Karma but he takes what is known as his only ever vacation to heal his injuries meanwhile the case of Edgeworth’s murder took place with the bailiff Yanni Yogi taking the fall for the murder taking a temporary insanity plea and leaving a mark of horror on the young Edgeworth with him thinking it was in fact himself who shot and killed his father.

Needless to say Manfred Von Karma is a piece of work in and out of the courtroom, shortly after his defeat and arrest in ‘Turnabout Goodbyes’ he dies but the memory of this terrifying prosecutor will never leave the halls of the courthouse where he ruled and especially now with his daughter Franziska von Karma whipping up her own reputation in the courtroom but she is a Boss Rush for another day.

Who do you think is an influential opponent in the Ace Attorney series? Have you faced off against Manfred Von Karma? Let us know in the comments!