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Yesflix/Noflix: Gotham Vs. The Green Hornet

Yesflix/Noflix: Gotham Vs. The Green Hornet



I was slow to get on board the Gotham train but I’m glad I did in the end. Superhero movies, TV shows and the like are still incredibly popular to the enjoyment of many a geek out there so I chose to pit two shows head to head. These type of shows/movies are very hit and miss so, after watching and enjoying them in varying amounts, today’s YesFlix/NoFlix may not be as definitive.

They have a different feel to them without being polar opposites but I liked one more than the other. I’m a stickler when it comes to details in anything to do with comic books so, when TV adaptations happen, I am usually cautious lest I invest my emotions too much and fall prey to fangirl rage (not a pretty sight).

Yesflix – Gotham

When this show was first announced, I was pretty excited. Then details started coming in about when it would be set and I grew skeptical. The heroes and villains I had grown up reading about wouldn’t be their adult selves. They’re younger than me (a lot younger) so when I first saw them my initial thought was, “These kids are like 12!”

The story doesn’t revolve as much around the young Master Wayne as I thought it would. The story follows a younger James “Jim” Gordon as he goes about trying to clean up Gotham, but things don’t go too smoothly. Jim faces adversity at seemingly every single turn and I mean that. The man can’t seem to catch a break for longer than an episode at a time!

The character development in this show is somewhat predictable after a few episodes but it doesn’t make watching the show any less enjoyable in my eyes. All the characters in this show do their characters justice, and easily one of the best is Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin. A show with young actors tends to sugarcoat the dirt and the grit, but Gotham doesn’t hold anything back. It’s grown up without patronising the younger characters. They are made aware of the dangers of living in Gotham, and Bruce Wayne has seen it first hand.

It wasn’t all perfect, though. The show seemed to struggle with finding itself at first. It would sometimes have as many characters in one episode as possible and then other episodes feel like a generic cop show with some super creative bad guys thrown in.

However, it’s definitely something worth watching. It’s a good way to have a lazy day in as you can easily finish the season in a 24hr period.

Fans of Daredevil, Arrow and The Flash will LOVE this! 

Noflix – Green Hornet

This movie was not the worst of the worst in terms of superhero movies to grace our screens. The trailer was exciting, and it got people interested but then it just didn’t seem to deliver for me. Action comedies, when in relation to the superhero genre of movies, aren’t my cup of tea unless it is something to do with Deadpool.

For one thing, the casting could have been a lot better. This movie was cast at a time when Seth Rogen was in what felt like every movie that was being released to cinema. Which he kind of was and so of course he found his way into a big cash-in reboot. He’s not the worst but it does feel like he was just cast because he was popular and was available.  Even Christoph Waltz played an easily forgettable villain and that it a crying shame. I wanted to like this movie, I really did, but I think the fact that most people I know have only watched it once before dooming it to the charity shop speaks for itself.

The movie plot felt bloated and was not worth the 118 minutes. 90 minutes would have much better suited the story and made the action and comedy land better.

If you are a fan of action comedies, there are other movies out there that could tickle your fancy, but if you want to waste about two hours of your time then go ahead. It will not bore you to death, it has its highs and lows but the highs are a bit too few and far between.

Fans of The Avengers, Iron Man and The Amazing Spider-Man will HATE this!