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Style Saturday: So Wrong It’s Wright

Style Saturday: So Wrong It’s Wright



For the last week straight I’ve been playing Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, and it’s occurred to me just how awesomely insane the characters are. Not only do they have personalities that make your head spin and, depending on the testimony, your blood boil, but they also have some pretty out-there senses of style.

For this week’s Style Saturday I’m bringing you two of Phoenix Wright’s most unusually quirky characters. Don’t worry, though, we’ve toned it down for the modern world. You’re all-Wright.


On with the article!

Larry Butz

Larry Butz

Got worried there for a second, didn’t you? Larry Butz can be said to have an eclectic taste in style; those too short trousers and bright jackets aren’t something most of us can get away with, but a little colour control and the general elements of his style can be applied here without too much effort and at a very reasonable cost.

Take the orange tones and subdue them for tan shades, substitute the trousers for some straight jeans and dress it down with a t-shirt and Larry’s lazy ass has been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century! The key pieces with this are undoubtedly the shoes and jacket. The great thing about the casual, carefree elements of the look are the ability to combine it with any number of accessories. Also, try swapping out the t-shirt with a shirt if you have a special occasion coming up.

T-shirt €18 | Jeans €12€40 | Jacket €27 | Shoes €33

Total: €90 – €118



Who doesn’t look at Edgeworth and wish that they could pull off ruffles? They’re just one of those fashion things that people laugh at when they’re done badly and glare in envy when they’re done well. And unfortunately, we otherwise tend to see them at their worst. For this look, I’ve taken Edgeworth’s look and dragged it through the punk corner of your winter closet. Yes, Winter is always coming in Ireland.
Combining the shirt with a sleek hanging pencil skirt and some heeled boots will allow you to pull off the ruffles without having your look overwhelmed. The jacket and the cuff earrings are just the right touch of dangerous that’ll balance out the look in general and take you from your office to an evening out.
This look can be accessorised with any number of clutches and bags. I would recommend avoiding any necklaces and chains with a ruffled shirt with that high a neck line but it’s open season on cuffs, bracelets, earrings and bags. Penney’s is our friend on this one.
Blouse €21 | Jacket €40 | Skirt €17 | Boots €35 | Bag €17 | Ear Cuff €16

Total: €147