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Style Saturday: Chilled Out Gamer

Style Saturday: Chilled Out Gamer


With Gamescom 2015 on over the weekend, we thought there was no better time to come up with a few inspired looks for all our readers who are chilling out in front of their consoles wishing they were at the event.

Even though you may not be attending the convention, be sure to keep up with our Gamescom coverage. We’re happy as long as you’re cooped up in your room killing bad guys on your Xbox (or PS4… we don’t take sides!).

This week’s looks are for gamers who want to lounge around eating Cheetos all day but still have to be semi-presentable for running out and doing errands.


Gamer Girl

Chances are when the weekend finally comes around you may roll out of bed on a Saturday morning and sit in your pyjamas all day. As we all know, this is incredibly comfortable, so you’ll get no judgment from us! However, life gets in the way of dungeon explorations and raids and races, so at some point you may have to peel yourself off the couch and head out into the real world to get stuff done. This means you have to throw on a stain-free top as well as a pair of shoes so you can get out the door.

If you plan ahead, you can sit in something comfortable all day and then, when you do have to pop out, you’re both comfy and stylish. A pair of plain black jeggings made of a nice stretchy material are a must in any girl’s life, let alone a gamer girl. Pair these with some bright yellow flip flops so you can slip them on at a moment’s notice, and you’ve got the bottom half of your body covered (although have a pair of fluffy socks ready on standby incase your tootsies get chilly).

Pop on a large top with a fun print as well as a warm hat under your headphones to keep your hair in place. There’s nothing nice about getting your headset caught in any loose hairs and a hat will keep your head warm as well. Have some nail varnish handy for later in the day as there’s nothing as soothing as lying around experimenting with some cool new nail colours.

Make sure to have some lip balm handy to moisturise your lips and add a little colour as well; let’s face it, you won’t be wearing makeup today!

T-shirt €16.00 | Nail Varnish €4.57 | Flip Flops €26.00 | Jeggings €36.00 | Phone Cover €32.00 | Hat €15.00 | Headphones €48.00 | Lip Balm €3.00


Gamer Guy The most comfortable item in a guy’s wardrobe should be a pair of grey sweat pants for lounging. If you don’t have these, invest now! You can go for a higher quality brand or, as we’d recommend, head to Penneys and buy a couple of pairs as they sell a variety of colours for €16 each. The best thing about getting a few different colours is that you can mix and match with your novelty t-shirts.

Sometimes, after a prolonged gaming session where there isn’t much action happening, your hands can get quite cold. Splash out on fingerless gloves so that you still have great control; we guarantee your hands will thank you. If you really are slowly becoming an ice burg then make sure to have your favourite mug close by so you can warm up with some tea.

You may not have had time to shower to pop on a beanie and nobody has to know about your bad hair day. If you’re heading into town or out to see friends, wrap your phone in a cool cover and throw on a bright pair of Converse to complete your look.

T-shirt €17.00 | Beanie €3.50 | Sweat Pants €16.00 | Mug €22.00 | Fingerless Gloves €69.00 | Converse €32.00 | Phone Cover €26.00